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  1. californiachicks
    We added onto an existing doghouse (top section), which we had previously tiled for easy clean up. We opened up the back and attached two nesting boxes (approximately 12"x12"). The opening has a lock on it and sits outside of the coop so that we don't need to go inside the coop to collect eggs. We used shingles on the roof to prevent rain from entering the coop. We built the doghouse onto a box, and below the nesting boxes is a flap door which opens up exposing two more nesting boxes which the girls can use during the day for egg laying when they are old enough.
    Besides using the premade doghouse, we used cheap lumber pieces.
    We framed the whole coop tall enough for us to stand in for easier cleaning. We also put in a bench to sit on so that we could sit comfortably while visiting the girls. We covered the entire coop with mesh fabric to bottom. The screen covers the border of the coop about 12" out along the interior and 12" out along the exterior of the coop to ward off predators and also to keep the girls from scratching their way out. We covered about 3/4 of the coop with corrugated roofing so to provide shade and allow them to move about in the coop when it rains.
    We used tree branches to make ladder style roosts.
    We lock the girls up at night. Here, you can see the ramp we built, and their nesting boxes in the back. Since we took this photo, we've added two roosting poles and straw bedding.
    To keep water and food clean, we have hanging a hanging feeder and waterer.
    Here our girls (and rooster to the far left) are enjoying one of the roosts.
    Here's a picture of the whole coop. We tried to make it pleasant looking as we don't have a huge yard, and the coop is visible from our home. We picked a happy color, "Chickadee" which our daughter picked out, and we purchased from The Home Depot.

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    "Would love more details of build, etc"
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    "Nice coop"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018
    Really colorful coop and nice run. Be good to have details on the run going up.


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  1. joan1708
    Very nicely done. congrats!
  2. Stumpy
    It's lovely!
  3. chicksbunsdog
    Bright and sunny!!!

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