Sunrise, Susan, and Selena

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  1. earlybird10842
    Sunrise, Susan and Selena(a.k.a. Sal) spent the first two years of their lives at a local, free-range, organic egg farm. After the hens were past their prime laying age, the farm would give them away to people who wanted chickens. I am not sure of their breed but have narrowed it down to three possibilities: Red sex-links, Production reds, Or a commercial mix. Originally I just had Sunrise and Susan, But about a year later, we decided to adopt Selena as well. She got along very well with the two original hens. Despite the fact that all are well over two years old, we have gotten really good egg production until the last few months, when we began to get thin shells. Despite growing up with little human contact, the girls will allow me to cuddle them and sit on my lap like cats--especially Susan.
    Left to right:Susan, Selena, and Sunrise
    Lto R: Susan, Selena, Sunrise
    Susan-she's the sweet one in our flock. She always will let me pick her up or pet her.
    Selena- the silly one. She's not as friendly as the other two, but a very funny, happy, chicken.
    Sunrise-the smartest of the three, Sunrise is full of personality.
    Susan eating.
    Sal posing for the camera

    Around November 2012, Susan stopped laying, got a blue comb and acted lethargic. She was sick, on and off, for about three months before she died on Februrary 24, 2013. Rest in Peace, Susan. What are Sunrise and Sal ever going to do without you? Sunrise died a few weeks later, in March. Sal is the only one of the trio living, and has four little sisters (chicks) and one new best friend, Sophia.

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  1. earlybird10842
    Thanks.I always thought Sal was a bit scrawny, though.
  2. bigbangrooster
    most purty chickens ever!!!!!!!!!!
  3. earlybird10842
  4. willowbranchfarm
    Very pretty birds.
  5. StarLover21
    I think Susan and Selena are red sex links, and Sunrise might be a production red. They're all so pretty!

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