Scott and I built our first chicken coop stared May 2010 finished mid July 2010 in Northern California. The coop is 4x8' with a 3x4' hen house and a 4x8' covered run. It was built to house three chickens. It was put in the corner of the property to blend in with the landscaping. A big thanks goes to my friend Scott A a plumber by trade to help me build my first coop. (There is no running water in the coop.) Also Al P for the Hens. Many thanks go to BYC for great ideas on how to build a chicken coop.

Scott work on the coop

Scott & Vinny the Foreman


Coconut a California White, Buttercup a Rhode Island Red and Flo a Australorp.

Coconut's first egg September 10, 2010

Flo's first egg September 16 2010

Total Cost for Coop: $1,194.00

Total Cost for 3 Pullets: Free
Estimated first eggs September 2010