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By Sunshine1963 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Sunshine1963
    My name is Brenda I live in Kingsland GA. My husband Kenneth and I have recently got chickens. We were raised around chicken, yet we have found out that we don't know as much as we thought. We have 7 chickens 2 RhodeIsland Reds and5 Black Saxton. The problem we are having is feathers around the neck is coming out and making a ring around the neck. Is this Mites? or Lice? or something else? Do we need to treat them with something? and if we do will it effect the eggs. We eat the eggs so we did not want to do anything to hurt the eggs or them.

    I have a wonderful Husband and 5 childern and 11 grandchildren.
    Praise God for He is Lord of ALL!

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