My first chickens (ever!) were born Friday 04.16.10 and arrived here in Maine on 04.18.10. They are:
4 white leghorns
3 rhode island reds (The Marthas)
3 black stars
3 red stars
3 easter eggers (FatOne, Carmen and no name)
2 barred rocks
2 buff orphingtons (The Nancys)
1 cuckoo maran
1 phoenix (Runty)
1 blue andalusian (Tonya Harding Chicken)
1 black giant (Black Betty)
1 partridge rock
1 golden laced wyandotte
1 silver laced wyandotte RIP 01.01.11
1 speckled sussex (Hoppy)
1 dark brahma (SexyPants)
1 naked neck (Turkenator AKA Nazgul)
1 polish rooster idiot - rehomed

Later added:
1 bantam mix feather foot
1 turken bantam mix
1 turken bentam mix roo

I GOT MY FIRST EGG ON 08.11.10!!!

Now I'm getting many more eggs a day. My mom bought me these cute little cartons and the stickers:

My coop was an 8x8:

Starting the addition:

The addition as of 08.15:

Painted and roofing started 08.22:

Fall at the coop 10.03:

Hoppy showing off the coops new Halloween decorations. She appears to be contemplating pumpkin for dinner:

I can't sew but I attempted to make a chicken egg-laying privacy curtain. I'll see how they like it before attempting more.

Incognito Banty always lays in the feeder:

Don't mess with my momma (Stinkeye courtesy of Runty)

Not a feathered friend, but a friend nonetheless: Sophie Anna Phatpants