~Survive The City!~ A Stray Dog RP: Character Page

By Chickenfan4life · Jan 31, 2013 · Updated Jan 31, 2013 ·
  1. Chickenfan4life
    *Evergreen Pack*
    Alpha Male- Diago (Nickeyo)
    Alpha Female-Tessa (Chicken Tamer)
    Beta- Flow (Little Peep)
    Packmates- Skyuka (Wildriverswolf90) Daisy (Chickenfan4life) Sedna (OwlLover)

    *Cerulean Pack*
    Alpha Male- Rinty (Chicken Tamer)
    Alpha Female- Jasmine (Chicken Tamer)
    Beta- Eva (Little Peep)
    Packmates- Shadow (Wildriverswolf90)

    *Negro Pack*
    Alpha Male- Jargo (Chickenfan4life
    Alpha Female- Rose (iluvorpingtons)
    Beta- Tasha (Little Peep)
    Packmates- Scar (Mipuppy1) Dixie (Chickenfan4life) Diemen (Chicks Galore3) Layla (SilkiesForEver) Frost (iluvorpingtons)

    *Golden Pack*
    Alpha Male-Del Endigo
    Alpha Female-Nessa (Chicks Galore3)
    Beta- Yuki (Mipuppy1)

    Packmates- Shama (Chicken Tamer) Pretty Perusha (Little Peep) Wintent (Wintent) Lightning (OwlLover) Sidney (Little Peep)

    *Loners* Shakira (SilkiesForEver) Sam (Chicken Tamer) Lane (Chicken Tamer) Dexter (Chicken Tamer) Toby (Chicken Tamer)

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