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By SusanRenee · Feb 7, 2013 · Updated Apr 21, 2013 ·
  1. SusanRenee
    Swap Page !!!!

    This is for WYGS but I'm open to side trades if there's something you like! (sorry about the upside down photos!)

    Hatching eggs wishlist:
    Swedish Flower Hens
    Croad Langshan
    Cream Legbar
    Anything unique! Whatcha got??

    ~~~I'm a Fiber Artist! Take a $15 credit and no shipping charge in my Etsy shop HERE. I have handdyed yarns and fibers, drumcarded batts and more! Do not order through the shop, I'll contact you to send any difference from the credit through Paypal. Side traders, very open for nice hatching eggs!~~~

    NO EGGS RIGHT NOW! Two broody and a bunch molting....grrrr!! Also avaliable: 8+ Barnyard Babes eggs for hatching... I have an EE Roo and a FBCM Roo over Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Pure Ameraucana, EE, FBCM, Welsumer, Australorp, BLR and Silver Wyandotte, Light Brahma, RIR, Black and Red Sex Links, Silver Sussex,Turken.. So there's a good chance the chicks will be dark or green egg layers! I've just hatched out my first batch, so I'll give an update in July hopefully. Fertility has been very good!

    Books: Take two except for Western Garden (1999 edition) which is on it's own.



    Jewelry and Hair: Pick any three, but please keep sets together and count as two.... the two longer feather clips are homemade, but still very nice!


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