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SusanRenee's Swap Tracking Page

By SusanRenee · Mar 4, 2013 · Updated Apr 25, 2013 ·
  1. SusanRenee
    WYGS Swap

    I owe to people:
    1mommahen - 2 Yarns shipped
    Daze333 - 8+ Barnyard Babes eggs
    Bhep - Tom App Chuy and Pear Rubarb Spread shipped
    sonew123 - 2 big tortuga yarn
    ProfTi - Eggs, 18 swap and side swap

    People owe to me:
    Clucknpeck - Eggs shipping around April 8th
    ProfTi - Quad Box, partially side swap
    bnewns - Mini Mealworm and Bread Book
    rbaker0345 - Iris and seeds
    kraftyladies - 6 hen's choice
    bHep - 6 SFH Shipped

    Paypal/Hatching Eggs/Chicks Swap

    I owe to people:

    People owe to me:

    Sahwithchicks - BCM x 2eggs shipping around April 8th
    KYTinpusher - SFH eggs shipping Spring, hopefully April 8th

    reesepoultry - SFH spring
    crazypetlady- Hen's Choice

    Side Swaps

    I owe to people:

    Crazypetady - headbands and jam - #9405 5036 9930 0338 5097 48
    Kraftyladies - Fallen Azalea fiber - #9500 1108 4669 3060 6008 77

    Daze333 = 8+ Barnyard Babes eggs shipped

    People owe to me

    Crazypetlady - CCL, Tolbunt and Isbar
    Kraftyladies - BBS Ameraucanas
    Daze333 = Polish eggs Shipping 4/8

    kraftyladies - Extra Hen's Choice for Kalidescope fiber



    Easter Reverse Swap to kraftyladies Jams and Relish and 4 washcloths for 12+ eggs, also

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