~.~ Welcome to My Pages ~.~
I intend to have mostly pictures of my birds on here and keep the writing to a minimum, but if you have any questions about the birds I keep, Please feel free to contact me via PM here
~.~ Poultry kept & Bred by me ~.~
~ Silkies ~
Miniature White's
Miniature Bearded White's
Miniature Blue's
Bantam Black's

~ Brahma ~
Blue Columbian
~ Coturnix ~
Range - Normal Range, Dark, Double Barred
Ginger & Reds
Normal Wild Type
Jumbo Gold's
Tuxedo Pattern in Range, Silver, Red
Weird & wonderful colours not yet named :)
Texas A&M's - white & Wild type

~ CPQ - Buttons ~
Assorted - including Blue Faced, Red Breast's & Vadar's
~ New Word Quails~
Bobwhites - Northern, Giant Butler, Red Tennessee
Californian Valley Quail

~~ Just As Pet's ~~
Drake - Black Indian Runner - Daffy
Drake - Blue Swedish - Puddle Duck
Drake - Saxony - Goosey
Drake - Magpie - Donald

~ Random Pictures~
Avairy028-1.jpg Avairy024-1.jpg Avairy003-1.jpg Avairy007-1.jpg grumpymummy008-1.jpg 007.jpg DSCF3667-1.jpg