Swap Page

Welcome to my swap page. Any items on here can be swapped for other things I may like from other people. I do not mind trading if something else interests me. I really enjoy the swap thread so please join us often for some really great items to trade.

Listed below are some of the items. Hens are subject to molt or go broody so I will advise if any are not laying when I offer the swap. Please ask if you want something particular and I have not listed it.

Variegated Liriope

Cactus---lives outside all year around, in a pot or on the ground. Has survived easily with temps from 100 down to 10 degrees. Blooms pretty tan/yellow flowers every Mothers Day.

Or variegated periwinkle vine. Beautiful blue flowers during the summer and crawls all over so good ground cover or arbor vine.

CD's-------- pick 2
Ron White, You Can't Fix Stupid
Larry the Cable Guy, Morning Constitutions
Larry the Cable Guy, Right to Bear Arms
Roy Mercer, Double Wide Vol 4


Fuzzy top camo hat.