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  1. Elite Silkies

    Offer #1 Click on link to view picture.

    Offer #2 Click on link to view picture.

    Offer #3 (4 flower types and 5 herbs for a total of 180 seeds)

    Black Eyed Susan (10 seeds) Perennial
    Penny Royal (20 seeds) Perennial - Can become invasive. Great for keeping mice/rats and various insects away!! Has a lavender bloom
    Shasta Daisies (10 seeds) Perennial
    Poppies - Corn Red in color (50 seeds) Perennial
    Poppies- Double Shirley (50 seeds) Perennial
    Chives (10 seeds)
    Lavender (10 seeds)
    Lemon basil (10 seeds)
    Thyme (10 seeds)

    Offer #4
    Click on link to view picture.
    Mica and Oxide for the soap makers. 16 packets total. Micas will make your soaps look beautiful with just brushing a very light amount on with a small paint brush. A little goes a long way!
    (7) packets each of the following Micas (These mica's are white with the following undertone colors): When you look at them you can see the following colors:

    1/4 oz Bright gold hues
    1/4 oz Ultra blue hues
    1/4 oz Ultra silver hues
    1/4 oz Mellow satin hues
    1/4 oz Green hues
    1/4 Red hues
    1/4 oz White pearl

    (2) packets each of the following Micas:

    1/8 oz Cupreous Brown
    1/8 oz Smooth satin.

    (7) packets of oxide:

    1/4 oz Yellow oxide
    2 oz Ultramarine Blue oxide
    1/2 oz Black oxide
    2 oz Green oxide
    1/2 oz Ultramarine Violet oxide
    1/2 oz Red oxide
    1/2 oz Brown oxide

    Offer #5
    Horse Mane and Tail Brushes! Click on link to view picture.

    Offer #6 Click on link to view picture.
    Offer #7 Click on link to view picture.

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