SWAPS for Handmade Jewelry and Pearls, Supplies and findings, beads and finished Jewelry.

By SallyKay3926 · Jun 13, 2013 · Updated Jun 13, 2013 ·
  1. SallyKay3926
    So I will up load my photos and see what goes.
    WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE, Well I have an incubator filled with 60 Butler Bob eggs, today.They grow slow so, I am Wanting Japanese, fast growers, MY INCUBATOR HOLDS 120EGGS, I would like a setting of 120 quail eggs (meat birds). I
    am wanting to raise BIG BIRDS for eating and to hatch my own eggs. .
    I am hoping for Jumbo Browns decended from James Marie Hatchery birds. OR the A&M large quail James Marie sells is also desireable.
    I know that is a lot to ask but I have some good stuff to swap if you are intrerested in anything I sell lets work out the details.
    I have a Shop on line and I make some really Nice Jewelry. And if you Make Jewelry also, I have findings by the car load.

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