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Last updated: 09/09/11
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. I have show quality black roo (his comb was a victim of frostbite last winter), red cockeral and self blue cockeral. I have a show quality black hen, 2 self blue pullets, 2 gold laced pullets and 1 red pullet. There is also a splash bantam polish pullet in the pen, please let me know if you want her eggs excluded. They would be extras and not counted as the 6. I have only hatched black, split to self blue and self blue chicks. I don't know how the other colors will turn out as the chicks that hatched on 9/01/11 are all black and so far feathering in black. These are all running together in one pen. 6+ Bantam cochin mixed colors

6+ blue wheaten and wheaten easter eggers. I have a blue wheaten easter egger roo. He has muffs and beard, slate legs but bottom of feet are yellow and not white. I also have a wheaten pullet who has muffs but no beard and yellow feet. 2 blue wheaten pullets that have muffs and small beard but again have yellow feet. They were sold to me as ameracaunas but I don't know that they breed true and their coloring is not perfect. So they are easter eggers. Someday I will find my true blue wheatens. I have recently separated them from the laying flock (8/12/11). Prior hatches have gotten me wheaten, blue wheaten, blue and black chicks. They could have been mixed though as they were with my laying flock. All chicks had muffs but I didn't keep them long enough to see whether or not they had a beard. These eggs range from blue to blue green in color.

12 mixed color eggs from my layer flock. I have a golden comet rooster (head roo), black jersey giant rooster (2nd roo), mille fluer d'uccle cockeral (haven't seen him connect with anything but the cornishx's but he's trying) and red frizzled silkie cockeral (haven't seen him attempting to mate). Laying I have 2 golden comet hens, 1 wheaten easter egger (muffs, no beard, slate legs, yellow feet), 3 dekalb amberlink hens, 1 splash silkie/ameracauna x, 1 black jersey giant hen, and 2 welsummer pullets. I have hatched yellow, black, blue, splash, wheaten, and someone else hatched a red chick. So many colors available.
Some of these chickens are included in the pictures above.

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Iris. I have absolutely no clue what type these are. They are at the moment growing in low lying areas that tend to have standing water in the spring as well as in the creek bed. I transplanted some last summer to the hill behind my pond and they are doing well. The only ones that I saw blossoming this year were yellow, but my father said that he has seen them blossom blue and orange as well. So I guess the color is anythings possible.