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  1. chicken stalker
    Canned Goodies
    Pick 2 jams/jellies/butter/goodies

    Black Cherry Jelly
    Black Currant Jelly
    Root Beer Jelly
    Concord Grape Jelly

    Autumn Harvest Jam (pear, apricot, apple)
    Sugar Plum Jelly
    Mulled Plum Butter
    Apple Cider Jelly
    Candy Apple Jelly


    Lavender Ameraucana
    Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana
    French Black Copper/ French Blue Copper/French Splash Marans

    Millie/Porcelain D'anver
    Buff Columbian D'anver

    Swaps Owed

    Swaps Owed to Me
    10/16/11 Future Ameraucana Eggs from Ray_n_Debi
    ~I owe 6 Lav Am eggs for extras
    10/29/12 Thornless Raspberries WYGS post #10488
    9/23/12 KraftyLady; Gold Laced Orps WYGS post #10075
    12/8/12 Dragon--WYGS post #11052
    12/10/12 crfarm; Proj. Lav. Marans--PP/Swap post #4683
    12/10/12 crfarm; Proj. Lav. Marans--PP/Swap post #4818
    12/10/12 crfarm; Split Coronation--PP/Swap post #4830
    12/27/12 crfarm; Coronation--PP/Swap post #7147
    12/28/12 AyeUpChuck: Bresse (summer)--PP/Swap post #7527
    12/28/12 Crazypetlady; Bresse--PP/Swap post #7599 from Nat
    12/29/12 Crazypetlady; Breese--PP/Swap post #7788
    2/10/13 TNBEARCHICK Silver Penciled Rocks post #3534
    3/18/13 GableBabble Lav laced orps post #7133

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  1. chicken stalker
    yes, more during the summer
  2. daze333
    Do you ever make sugar free jam? Honey or agave are good...

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