Hi there! Please call me Berry.

I have currently 7 chickens, I have had 13 in my life. We started off with 6 ex-battery hens that we rescued. But 5 of them have died. I would say they lived to be old for what they have been through! We then got 6 more, but they weren't battery hens. The battery hen that still lives today from the last lot, is called Dizzy. Unfortunately, one of our new chickens died of a heart attack, she had managed to escape under the fence, and was chased by a Jack-Russell Terrier. The owner of the dog had brought the startled chicken to our door, and our babysitter, Becky, was half-way down the garden to thier field when she could sense her dieing in her arms. So she put her down. She now is buried with the rest of our chickens in thier field, where they were most happy. May thier soul rest in peace. The chicken names in green, are the ex-battery hens. The names in cyan, are our newest hens, the names in
blue, are the chickens that we raised.
Fwizzle RIP - Fix It RIP- Amy Johnson RIP - Lola RIP - Freckles RIP - Dizzy - Polly - Margret - Michell - Cheryl - Clodagh - Twix - RIP
Rocky (Michell's son) re-homed
I love our hens to pieces! If anyone on BYC, is the new owner of Rocky, send him our love, and his mum's.

~ berry