Last updated February 13th, 2011
Hi! My real name is Kayla.

The name "Annarie" comes from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien - "An" is a prefix from the word "Anor", meaning "Sun", and "Narie" (pronounced Nar - ee - A) is a month/season that is the equivalent of "June". Roughly put together, "Annarie" would be "June-sun" or "The sun in June".


My interest in ducks and chickens started with two Khaki Campbells and a Jumbo Pekin duck that I got to provide our family with eggs nearly 5 years ago...

...Soon after I got them, I found BYC, lurked around the forums reading as much as I could for a long time before I finally registered, I became fascinated with all the different breeds and the color genetics in ducks and chickens, and bought an incubator. And the duck and chicken math has pretty much caught up with me from there!

Now, I raise Dutch Hookbills, Stanbridge Whites, and Call Ducks - I formerly had Dark Campbells and Indian Runners as well, and I'm sure I'll be getting back into them within the next few years!

Besides the original three, all of my ducks are from Sandhill Preservation Center, Holderread Waterfowl Farm, and the Calls are from AlpineRanch (mixed-colors), and duckluck (Whites and Butterscotch) here on BYC.


I was always a "duck person", I was actually against getting chickens, until I hatched my first two Blue & Black Bantam Cochins (thanks PeepsInc!).
And so, I discovered the Bantam Cochin breed; I was in love with these sweet, round, fluffy chickens! I started e-mailing every respectable breeder I could find, getting lots of information, finally acquiring some awesome birds (thanks mostly to alwayscochins here on BYC), and now I have Bantam Cochins in Columbian, Blue Mottled, and White!


My most recent additions are Sebastopol Geese! Two young pairs of them! Better pictures to come - these are the two boys being transported home, and me holding one of the little girls:

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