swollen hock in teenage rooster

By sleetnrain · Jul 30, 2018 · ·
  1. sleetnrain
    I raised 16 chickens from tractor supply this spring. This is my first flock so i have made some mistakes like the one i am going to talk about. Footy is a blue wyandotte rooster. He developed a limp when he was still in the brooder box. I used to transfer the chicks from my bathroom to the playpen outside in a laundry basket. I did this every nice warm day that i could because quite frankly they made a huge mess and i was getting them ready to go in the coop when we got it built. I was afraid in the catching and transporting of birds that i might have hurt his ankle. I did some reading and just chalked it up to an injury. He had this injury until a few weeks later we transferred them to their permanent home. He limped around but seemed to slowly improve on his own and was using both feet for a brief time. The limp on the same leg came back maybe a week to a few weeks later and it has not left him since. I believe he is a rooster. They are 17 weeks old now and all the other chickens have grown into what looks like adult birds. Footy is much smaller than the other roosters we have (5 total OMG!!!!!) He still has the limp and this week it seems to be bothering him more he is hopping on one foot. He gets around but does alot of sitting around. One of my roosters has crossbeak as well. I am afraid his swollen hock was some kind of congenital birth defect like the crossbeak is. I have been doing some research on leg problems that might be birth defects and so on and discovered the slipped tendon explanation. I went out and tried to straighten his leg out like when they stretch to see if i could find a tendon out of place or anything. His leg seems to be frozen in a bent position. My question is has anybody had a similar problem? Also has anybody else heard of what happens if a slipped tendon goes unfixed until this age?

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  1. casportpony
  2. click cluck
    I have a buff orpington hen who's had a bad limp since 5 weeks of age, not sure what happened but she is almost 6 months now and still has it. She seems just fine though, she hop runs which is kinda cute lol. She's as sassy as ever and has no problem getting around. I do feel bad for her some times on account of she is a little thin because she doesn't get as much exercise, I feed her some extra special treats ever day or so. A lady I met once told me that some times when they are babies they can get injured and they just stay like that the rest of their lives. But they do fine. NOTE: my hen's leg is not swollen or hot or anything like that, if your roosters is, I would maybe do some gentle stretches and you can get a muscle rub called "absorbine" Its a green gel for horses (I use it myself lol, works great!) I'm sure the local feed barn has it, I know my Walmart does as well.
    Hope this helped a bit, These things can be hard to diagnose. When I broke my ankle (I ripped my tendon really bad) It took 8 months to completely heal, even after that its still not the same as it was. Good luck though!!

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