[FONT=verdana,geneva]April 2009[/FONT]
Our new chicks
Still under construction... will add pics soon
After living on a small parcel of land (not even 1/2 an acre) the hubby and I, (for a long time) wanted to sell and move onto bigger property. Well, all went as planned and we move to a 25 acre property with 5 open acres. We did have chickens where we used to live but did not allow roosters because of the obvious noise. We did not exactly have the greatest neighbour living beside us.
We had two chickens left when we moved and there was no coop ready at the new house when we moved (sept 2008) so we proceeded to build one. Not insulated but only wrapped with typar on the outside. A friend of ours, upon moving here, offered us his Barred Plymouth Rocks, 10 hens and a Rooster. We accpeted and well we had to hurry to build a coop. We never had grey chickens before, we had shaver reds and a leghorn.
So we built the coop, 8 x 4 feet. When we picked up the barred chickens, our friend told us to beware of the rooster as he had an attitude. Scarry!!
Needless to say, this winter we lost 3 of them 2 chickens and the rooster. :(
Now we have built a 10x10 coop and a 30 foot run for the chickens and we ordered 10 columbian rock X red chicks. They arrived on April 8th. How cute. here they are when we got them at a day old.