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By t/m · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    We received our 6 beautiful chicks 8/9/11 via the mail from a hatchery. My very first birds ever! DH had chickens growing up but didn't have a lot to do with them- that was Grandma's job. We have a Barred Rock, White Rock, Easter Egger, Delaware, Welsummer and Partridge Rock. They are supposed to all be hens but I've got serious doubts about the PR & Wellie. We built a small coop which hangs in a 10x10 chain link kennel,now it's a chicken tractor! We had fun building it and reinforcing the cage. It is built so the girls can come and go as they please (I'm serious about the fun part, we do most things together and enjoy being with each other!) I'll post pics when I can find more than a few minutes at a time to figure it out! We are thoroughly enjoying them... chicken TV is the best channel ever!!

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