It is finished, at long last. And what a fine coop it is too. My husband who does all things well, truly outdid himself on this undertaking. Look at his fine functional craftmanship!

Note the doors facing us, closed for the chooks bedtime.

View from the inside, upstairs nesting loft. The doors open for ventilation and view.

The bottom door opens to let them into their run and latches at night to keep any baddies out. The lovely antique window on the right is fitted with a screen to allow air circulation with style. This too closes and latches at night to keep our girls safe.

And the thoughtful builder that he is, Ethan let me have my pretty embellishments to make their house a home...even chickens need flowers to make their world look pretty!

Oh and brightly colored doors on the outside of their nest boxes, with their names on them of course....

Ethan augmented these with imaginative and useful inventions of his own. Below see his automatic feed and water system. We simply fill the PVC tubes with their needed food and water enabling us to get away for days on end knowing they are provided for.

From the inside the chooks have what they need in a way that works for them too! Isn't he amazing!

They rush in and out on their shutter door ramps simply enjoying the freedom of movement in a world that works for them.

I could not be more delighted, and our chooks like it too!

Our lovely new chicken coop, designed and built by Ethan, Summer 2009.