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By tadpole98 · Feb 8, 2013 · ·
  1. tadpole98
    On spring break of 2010, I begged my mom to let us go up to grandma and grandpa's. They live near a place called Rural King, which is a farming store. Grandpa wanted to go get some tomato seeds for his garden that year, so we went along. Turns out they were having CHICK DAYS! and thats how the obsession began.. We were city folk back then, but we were searching for a farm which we were signing on a week or so later. I wanted to bring a few chicks home and raise them, but we were 4 hours away from home and there was no way I was allowed to put those in our car. But my mom did tell me I could research chickens and see what I thought. That I did! I ordered a couple dozen chicken books from online, and used some information on various websites to learn how to care for them. By the time I was ready for chicks we had closed off on the house and we going to get 13 chickens, 1 rooster and 12 hens. There were already three coops up there which needed help. it had at least two feet of caked poop, and there were three dead chickens and TONS of miscellanious chicken body parts. [​IMG] which most likely means one day he decided he didnt want them anymore and shut the door and let them die. I was going to do better, that was for sure. After I cleaned out the best looking coop which took at least 7 hours, and five different 'sessions'. its not even that big a coop..

    But we got the chicks, and I loved them! I cleaned out their brooder twice a day, even when it didnt need it. I used a dustpan and a little broom head and did one half at a time, so the chicks could go to one side while I cleaned the other. They were so used to scooting out of the way when they saw the dustpan coming in. [​IMG] good times..

    I am going to skip alot of the story, but i have three left out of that batch. and about 107 others, haha im crazy.

    My chickens-


    Here is miss broody, she actually is trying to make me give her eggs to hatch right now.

    She hid her eggs under a wheelbarrow, and brooded on them. Gave me quite the shock when she popped out with them!

    De De, one of the three originals.

    She gets to speak for the other ten plymoth rocks, this is our first year having this breed.

    cont.. internet is being too slow to download any more pictures at the moment.

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  1. Sally Sunshine
    Love your chickens TAD! <3
  2. ChemicalchiCkns
    Aaa, a new Farmer. Success to your Farm, and the cycens.

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