We are in the process of moving back to my hometown of Eureka, CA after living in Boaz, AL for a little over two years.
I have had to find homes for my chickens, but had several months in which to do it, so I've been finding them good homes two at a time. Our beautiful Copper Maran rooster, Mike, was wonderful to our 8 hens and was traded to me during Chickenstock. His original owner bought him back a few weeks ago, and he is to share breeding duties. What a life!!!!!!
I sold my laying hens and silkie pair two at a time, my barred rock was killed by a drunk driver. We have seven egg hens who are still staying with us right now, but whom I am hoping will end up with two others of its former flock and the silkies, Hootie and Tootie, at the home of Sherri and Chris, our neighbors in Alabama that we wish we met a long time ago.
When we finally get settled in Eureka, California, I will be back, but I probably won't be around for a few months except in chat... in the late pm's of California. I will make my absence as brief as possible, I know you'll miss me terribly.... oops, I mean you guys are wonderful!!, but right now, I have to.

Thank you for all you do!!
You've helped me save little baby chicks, you've helped me by
answering my questions and being there when I needed to
"talk chicken". Thank you!!!!.