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    Tamie's Hobby Farm
    My Chicken Coop(s):
    In the old outdoor Summer kitchen:
    Cochin Bantams


    Jersey Giants (Black)
    A couple of peacocks
    5 Guineas (Lavendar & Pearl)
    1 - Rabbit!
    In the kitchen portion of the summer kitchen:
    This is the nursery

    6 - 2 week old rosecomb leghorns
    1 - 2 week old Jersey

    In the Barn
    Rosecomb Brown Leg Horns (the best layers ever!)
    My husband's dumb banty rooster that attacks me everytime I go out (or maybe it is my orange clogs!?
    1 Minature Donkey
    1 Paint 2 year old
    1 Buckskin 2 year old
    1 Bay yearling
    1 Old red mare to keep them inline
    The goat pen:
    3 goats
    The corn crib:
    1 pair of yellow golden pheasants
    The Kennel:
    Riley our chocolate lab
    Around the farm:
    A couple of pigeons
    2 pot bellied pigs (Ricky Bobbie)
    and a few cats
    Inside the house: (Like we needed anything else!)
    11 - of this weeks chicks and the incubator
    2 - house cats
    1 pair of umbrella cockatoos
    1 pair of parakeets
    3 Fischer love birds
    12 peachface love birds
    2 Rabbits
    Our Parrots:
    Jack - Conure
    Darby - Derbyan Parakeet
    Diane our White eye ringed conure
    The old machine shop:
    The ducks:
    Black Runners
    Chocolate Muscovies
    Buff Ducks
    Khaki Campbells

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