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    If you are considering getting friendly tame chicken for your backyard from a breeder I would suggest raising them as chicks unless you are buying from somebody who only has about 10 hens that are backyard pets. If you don't have time to tame chickens don't buy from a breeder! Most breeders hens are skittish and shy. You will also need to spend time with chicks in order to tame them. But chicks are a lot easier to tame than full grown hens. But is possible to tame hens. I have done it myself, so you can do it. HOW TO TAME A CHICKEN.
    If you are trying to tame your hens you should at least try to spend a hour in their run a day. If you can do more time that would be great! It took me about a month to tame my hens. Bringing treats for the hens is very helpful! Some of my girls were eating from my hand the first day! You should sit down and put a treat near you, they should come over and eat it. Then you can start getting them used to eating out of your hand. 7757954256_b282db2dae_b.jpg
    I would put some food near you and wait for the birds to start eating it, then slowly move your hand down near their face so they can see it with food in it. They should start getting used to eating from you. Its very important not to make any sudden moves. It may scare them. Soon your birds will jump on your lap for a treat!

    You can go from there! GOOD LUCK!

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    You can add a list of treats too, if you like. Remember corn is for winter to raise internal body temperatures---NOT summer!
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