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Tanichcas Page

By Tanichca · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Tanichca
    Hello Everyone! This is Tani! I dont really have much of a BYC page, as you can see, but visit my blog, at http://sokore.wordpress.com/

    A little about me? Well, I'm a sophmore in High School, I'm really tall, my best friend is a guy named Gabe (whose name is Voyze Eruadan on BYC) and I ADORE silkies. I'm also a Catholic, and I love my faith! I have a condition called "Chronic Ligament Laxity" which causes me a lot of pain, so I only get on BYC for a few minutes at a time. I love to write and draw, and I make up stories a lot! See y'all around!

    So, Love to all!


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