[FONT=georgia,palatino]My adventures as the local "Chicken lady"[/FONT]
I had been dreaming of having a small flock of chickens for some time. I had done my research, found an internet forum chock full of valuable information and frequented by fellow chicken enthusiasts, (www.backyardchickens.com of course) and even purchased a children's wooden playhouse as a potential coop. Then, in the Spring of 2009, the company I worked for went out of business and I lost my job. [FONT=georgia,palatino]This appeared to be the perfect time to delve into the wonderful world of Chicken Ownership![/FONT] Having spent the last 12 years working my tail off, while paying into unemployment insurance, I decided to allow the Government to support me for a few months so I could devote my time and energy to my chicken venture.
[FONT=georgia,palatino]We purchased six chicks at the local feed store in mid-March. Three Barred Rocks, Betty, Harriett and Opal, two Isa Browns, Lucy and Alice and one Rhode Island Red, Isabelle. It was hard to imagine these sweet little fuzz balls someday laying eggs! I was surprised to discover how quickly the individual personalities of my chicks could be discerned. Betty immediately became my favorite. She was extremely friendly and would hop up on my knee whenever we let them out of their cage. Since food is a chickens #1 motivation, treat time was always entertaining. Wax worms and meal worms were the babies favorite snack and it was hilarious watching them chase each other around. We called it "wax worm football". Having chicks in the house was fun at first, but chickens grow pretty fast, and poop a lot. We needed to get the coop and run built. [/FONT]