My name is Joshua, and I only have a small flock to my name. I am a natural country boy living in a small town seldom refferred to. Ever since I was a young boy i've always loved animals. So in June of 2009 I bought a small flock, with the help of my father. At the time I knew next to dirt about anything having to deal with chickens. But since then i've learned many many things about not only chickens but the things that I can do to support a family and live off of the fruits of my own labor. In June I bought all together 15 birds... 3 Cornish Crosses, 3 Americuanas, 4 Rhode Island Reds, and 5 Barred Rocks. 2 of the Americuanas, 1 Cornish Cross, and 1 Barred Rock hen had died naturally before even the onset of laying. Also, with the guidance of my father, 3 of my Barred Rock roosters, as they say, "went to the pot". Now if you were keeping count I am down to 7 all together hens and 1 Barred Rock rooster. At the beggining of March my hens that i have worked so dilligently on finally began laying as a group. I cannot put into words the excitement that I felt when I first laid eyes on that beautiful small brown egg. I am open to all the tips that I can get and am always happy to hear your comments.
Thank you,