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    Our farm has started out of a hobby that my whole family enjoys. It's like bird watching, but on a bigger scale. We have went to a few of the local shows and hope to improve our flocks, eventually getting into showing as well. It is so nice to raise an animal that gives something back and times what they are, it is nice to know we can have all the eggs we could ever want.
    Not only do we wish to be self sustaining, but we would love for our hobby to turn into something more, a family business perhaps. The one thing we do not wish to lose though is the personal involvement we have now. Above all, we praise God for the opportunities he has given us and remain aware that our goals of a future business will only prosper as long as it conforms to God's will in our lives.
    We are currently raising Dark Brown Leghorns, Blue and Black Jersey Giants, French Black Copper Marans, Ameraucanas, Lavender Orpingtons, Buff Laced Polish and Dark Brahmas, but wish to get into more specialty breeds. We are NPIP Certified. Check out our website at www.taylorhobbyfarms.us



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