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By team edward · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Feb 23, 2012 · ·
  1. team edward
    You are on team edwards page! I currently have ALOT of chickens. We have six dogs *Holly, Jack, Bones, Goober (R.I.P), Blackie, Rambler*. Seven cats *Simba, Samone (R.I.P), Bella, Jacob, Little Diasy, Tyler (R.I.P), Church, Skylar (R.I.P)* And I show pigs in the fall. Newest pigs: NickelBack (Dark Crossbred, SOLD) Tyler (Blue Butt) Pedro (Dark Crossbred) Napolean (Poland, SOLD) and Mr. Duroc (Duroc, SOLD). *Past hogs: California, I.G Joe, Frenchy, Tiny Tim*.

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  1. team edward
    LOL That's only the beginning! ;)
  2. iluvsedward
    wow you have a lot of animals!

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