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By Teeah3612 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Hello, everyone! My name is Teresa. My husband and I bought a farm in Cottageville, WV last winter. My husband and I are building a house, which will not even be livable until the Summer of 2012, until then we will be living in a 37 foot motor home with our 21 year old son. We have another son (23) who bought the farm next door. We also have 8 cats (Ms. Kitty age 13, Miles & Harley age 3, Polly age 2, and the boys - Zoey, Gabby, Louie & a little yellow stray age 1), 4 dogs (Lilo age 8, Rocky age 8, Roscoe age 3, and a HUGE stray pup), some fish, a crazy rabbit (Honey Bunny age 6), a horse (Jasper age 6 - I swear he has ADD), and two new baby goats (Peanut & Coal - 1 month). We never set out to have that many dogs and cats, but they just seem to adopt us. Next spring we will be adding chickens to the mix and hopefully the in the spring of 2013 we will add a pig or two for the freezer. So begins the odyssey of self-sufficiency!

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