Teen Babies! A TragicStory (chicken edition)

By McCaskill · May 21, 2013 · ·
  1. McCaskill
    Hye guys Im new to the world of chickens but have already had some interesting things happen. The first chickens i got were White Rocks I was hoping for two girls but i got a boy and a girl witch was fine with me! But as many of you know WR's get very heavy so the first time my roo mounted my hen he poped her leg out of socket D:!
    Everything was down hill from there we had to kill her because her leg was not geting better nomatter what we did so we got two mor chicks hoping for two girls.... :mad: not even close both were boys! WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THREE ROOS D:!!! So we made dinner out of them and then i got my babies i have now
    this is Mathew


    Sybil (soon to be mommy :D)
    and last but not least my new baby girl (boy?) Mosh

    Dont know the big chickens breed but my little baby is half Americana half Buff Orp and quite the sweet heart :)

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  1. McCaskill
    to kylierae while my chickens look close to Barnevelder's the striping on the feathers seems to be thick on there tips and not thick in mine it was nice of you to comment tho so thank you very much but i think mine are partridge rocks if you like i would love your further input on what you think they are :)

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