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By teenchik · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. teenchik
    Hey, I am Ellie. The world of chickens has welcomed me with open arms and I am quickly becoming a Addict to the BYC chat and to chicken things in general.
    In a world of dogs, cats and turtles, my house stands out with the sharp crowing of 6 roosters, a chorus of egg songs sang by a lush mixture of hens, and now a assortment of peeping peeped by a herd of half- Buff Orphington and some pure silkie chicks.
    I have become the Chick Doctor. I saved two baby chicks with problems that we thought wouldnt live, I am also chicken catcher, coop cleaner and mini coop owner, these are my mini flockers

    [​IMG] [​IMG] all my cute little babies!!!
    The rooster is Captian Jack SwordSpur, the black hen is Betty BlackBeak, and the white hen is Susie GentleWings.

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