Hey, I am Ellie. The world of chickens has welcomed me with open arms and I am quickly becoming a Addict to the BYC chat and to chicken things in general.
In a world of dogs, cats and turtles, my house stands out with the sharp crowing of 6 roosters, a chorus of egg songs sang by a lush mixture of hens, and now a assortment of peeping peeped by a herd of half- Buff Orphington and some pure silkie chicks.
I have become the Chick Doctor. I saved two baby chicks with problems that we thought wouldnt live, I am also chicken catcher, coop cleaner and mini coop owner, these are my mini flockers

all my cute little babies!!!
The rooster is Captian Jack SwordSpur, the black hen is Betty BlackBeak, and the white hen is Susie GentleWings.