Ten amazing facts about chickens that you didn't know!

By KaylorFarms · Jun 27, 2017 · ·
  1. KaylorFarms
    Here are some amazing facts about chickens that you didn't know!

    Fact #1: Chickens make good teachers.

    Mother hens can show their babies what is good to eat and what is not. In tests, hens have taught their babies to stay away from color-coded grains that are bad for them.

    Fact #2: Chickens have their own “language.”

    It’s thought that chickens have about 30 distinct vocalizations that they use to communicate with each other. For instance, the warning cry for a predator that is coming on the ground is different from the cry for a predator coming from above.

    Fact #3: Chickens sometimes model their behavior on other chickens.

    The special way a broody hen clucks can encourage other hens to become broody, too

    Fact #4: Chickens begin communicating before they are hatched.

    Chicken families begin communicating with each other before the babies have even hatched. The mother hen talks to her eggs (often a purring sound), and the chicks begin peeping back to her from inside their unhatched eggs.

    Fact #6: Chickens are more docile at night.

    Chickens go into a passive, trancelike state when they sleep at night. Consequently, if you need to catch and handle a chicken that is not very tame, do it at night after the chicken has settled down to roost.

    Fact #6: Chickens learn who you are.

    Chickens can recognize up to 100 faces!

    Fact #7: There are over 25 million chickens in the world!

    Fact #8:
    Chickens dream just like we do. They experience REM (rapid eye movement) during sleep.

    Fact #9: Research suggests that chickens are cleverer than toddlers. Hens have exhibited mathematical reasoning, self-control and even structural engineering.

    Fact #10: Studies show that chickens survive a predator attack 90 per cent of the time while living in their natural environment.


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  1. BonDEEroo
    Fact 9: I find chickens (like many other birds) are smarter in some ways than many adult humans, let alone toddlers! If they trust you, they catch on to the routine you want them to follow after only one or two repetitions.
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  2. getaclue
    Good article. Thank you!
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  3. Whittni
    Cute, good job.
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  4. KaylorFarms
    Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed this!
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  5. Hybridchucks
    LOVE THIS ARTICLE AND LOVE CHICKENS!!!!!! :love:love:love:loveThanks so much @Leah567 !!!!:thumbsup:goodpost:
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