Hello! I'd like you to meet my family's first flock of chickens!
We got all 10 of them from our local Family Farm and Fleet on March 28, 2017,
and now at 4 weeks, they are almost to move into their coop! it seems to go by so fast!
with out further ado....I give you the Ten Little Hens!

March 29, 2017
2 Days old​

These are my personal chicks of the bunch, both Buff Orpingtons. On the left, Filly and on the right, Lady Marmalade.

This is Opal, a Golden Laced Wyandotte

Ariel, a Light Brahma

On the left, Black widow, on right, Nibbles, both Barred Rocks

Jen, a Rhode Island Red

Lucille, an Isa Brown

Both EEs, the lighter one is Scarlett, darker, TigerLily


April 4, 2017
1 week old

Starting to get their "grown up" feathers...

Filly and Lady Marmalade



Nibbles and Black Widow



Scarlett and TigerLily


April 11, 2017
3 weeks old

I let them outside for the first time...very funny and cute to watch them roam around in their new world!

Marmalade was very interested in the camera!

Nibbles is that one chicken who loves to just sit by you and cuddle...

There's that camera hog again!

At one point, something scared them, maybe a car, but they all came and ran to me like I was their momma hen :)

Here's a different face....TigerLily!

April 18, 2017
4 weeks old

Most all of them have now grown into their feathers and don't look like fluff balls anymore(!) In only a couple weeks, they'll be in the coop! seems so fast...

Filly and Marmalade

Nibbles and Black Widow

Lucille (lighter one)

Jen (darker one)



Scarlett (lighter) TigerLily (darker)

April 25, 2017
5 weeks old

Almost all the chicks have nice, sleek feathers to strut around in....and fly...
Some have jumped OUT of the brooder! good thing we were there, we had almost left on a trip and she probably would have gotten lost!

Ohhh Filly.....

Someone does like being held for picture day...;)

Nibbles is clearly un-impressed!

Here's one of the flighty buggers..

Oh look! here's another!

Hello Opal!

And last but not least...Ariel!