Ten Reasons You Should Spend Ten Extra Minutes With Your Flock Every Day

By Mountain Peeps · Jul 30, 2016 · ·
  1. Mountain Peeps
    Ten Reasons You Should Spend Ten Extra Minutes With Your Flock Every Day

    Let’s be honest: In the summer, when it’s hot and humid, it can sometimes discourage us from spending as much time with our flock as we normally would. However, the summer makes for a great opportunity to spend time with the birds. Spending time with our chickens is healthy for both them and us. In this article, I will be discussing the top ten reasons to spend at least ten extra minutes with your flock each and every day, no matter what the season.

    1.) Additional Bonding Time
    Who doesn’t enjoy having friendly birds who run to greet them, fall asleep on their lap and follow them around? And, what is the best way to bond with your flock? Spend time with them, of course! Talk to them, cuddle with them, hand feed them, sing to them and simply be within their presence. Chickens are creatures who enjoy routine and thrive by living in groups. If you spend time with them every day, they will soon recognize you as part of the “flock”.
    If you bring a treat with you when you go to see your birds, they will quickly realize that only good things come from you and, thus, anxiously await your every arrival. Chickens also are very vocal and talkative animals. Speaking while around them will familiarize them to your voice and, believe me, you won’t be alone in conversation…chickens never shut up!

    2.) Provides Opportunity to Spot Illness and InjuryIt
    As you have most likely heard about most sicknesses, “the best way to treat it is to catch it early” is also true when it comes to chickens. Noticing and identifying illness or injury early will make a world of a difference in the long run. Spotting issues like this is hard to do when you don’t spend much time around your birds. Simply by spending about ten extra minutes with your flock each day, you will be able to observe and catch possible problems easily. Watch for limping, lethargy, coughing, wheezing, odd discolorations on the body, loss of feathers, droopy wings, off-chart droppings or eggs, off-color combs and wattles, crusty faces and otherwise unusual symptoms in each of your chickens.

    3.) It Makes for a Fun Time with the Family
    Children of all ages love chickens and, if the chickens are friendly to the family, will love the children right back. Teaching kids to be gentle with animals is important. Spending additional time with your kids and your flock is well worth it as well as fun for everyone.
    You can also let the chickens out to free range while you and your family share a meal together outdoors. The chickens will love to search around your feet for scraps. Additionally, your family will enjoy the clucking company of the birds.

    4.) It Provides Opportunity to Spot Problems within the Coop

    Spending additional time in your chicken quarters every day will not only allow you to catch signs of disease or injury within the birds but also provide a chance to observe the coop itself. Does something need repairing? Is the window cracked? Does the door still close properly? Does the grass in the chicken yard need to be mowed? Are there any worn spots in the coop? Are the feeder and waterer functioning correctly? Has the paint worn off the coop? Fixing any small issues early can save you from big problems later. That crack in the corner might turn into a hole that a predator can squeeze through and gain access to your chickens.

    5.) It Provides More Insight into Chicken Behavior
    Chickens are incredible creatures! Their behavior is fascinating. Some people say that you never need a TV when you have chickens around. While I do enjoy watching TV, that statement is true. Chickens provide endless and abounding entertainment. They are always doing something and always have something to cluck about. Even in their sleep chickens are interesting. They twitch, purr and rearrange themselves. Learning about their everyday behavior is not only captivating but it’s also a great way to further your chicken wisdom. The more time you spend with your flock, the more knowledge you will gain about their habits and behavior.

    6.) It Makes for a Great Chance to Capture Moments with Your Camera
    Do you enjoy photography? Chickens make wonderful models. They dirt bathe, lay eggs, peck things, flap their wings, sunbathe, preen their feathers, attempt to fly, dig in the dirt and search for bugs which all make wonderful photo opportunities. Also, if you’re lucky, they’ll sometimes stand still and pose just for you. When you sit with your chickens, be sure to take your camera along to develop your photography skills as you capture precious moments with the flock. A word of caution: chickens love to investigate things and, if you’re not careful, they’ll peck and tug at your camera which could damage the lens.

    7.) It’s Enjoyable and Relaxing
    Spending time with the flock is a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors. Take a book with you and lounge in the yard while the chickens forage around you. Take your food and sit near them to observe them. Swing in the hammock with your favorite bird on your lap. The possibilities of things to do with your birds are endless. Overall though, chickens themselves are entertaining and watching them is quite relaxing as many chicken owners would agree.

    8.) It Allows You Extra Time to Learn About Each Flock Member
    Every chicken is different with its own, unique personality. Trust me, it is a blast discovering their personalities. But, you can only do that by being around them. At first glance, chickens look the same but, as chicken keepers, we know that this is far from accurate. One bird might be flighty and skittish, the other might be cuddly and affectionate while another might be curious and always on the go. Spending time with your chickens every day will give you a deeper insight into the attitude of each flock member, as well give them a chance to get used to you as their caretaker. Believe it or not, chickens enjoy getting to know us too.

    9.) It Provides You with an Escape
    Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Jobs, sports, family activities, world on-goings and daily schedules can all sometimes weigh us down. Escaping to the chicken coop for a period of time is occasionally needed. If you can’t seem to have time within your daily routine to spend extra time with your chickens, try getting up earlier. The refreshing, morning air along with your chickens’ first clucks of the day all makes for a relaxing way to start off the day. Also, remember that spending time with your flock doesn’t always mean just sitting with them. You can go about your daily chicken chores and still bond with your birds. Pet the hen in the nest box as you collect eggs, talk to your chickens as you tidy the henhouse, sing to them as you repair the outside of the run, etc.

    10.) It Builds Memories
    The most beneficial part about spending extra time with your chickens is the fact that you build memories together. Each flock you ever own should hold a special place in your heart but, if you never spend time with them, it will be hard to remember them. Chickens are social creatures that enjoy the company of their owners. We, as their owners, should also enjoy the company of our birds. Happily sitting with them on our lap, enjoying the thrill of them following us around the yard, having them eagerly eat out of our hands and lazily sunbathe at our feet are all wonderful memories and experiences that chicken keepers love.

    Chicken raising as a whole is one big adventure and can only be fully appreciated with the enjoyment of memories made with our beloved flocks. Spending time with our chickens is the best way to build memories with them.

    Nothing should stop you from spending time with your chickens, including the heat of summer or cold of winter. Being the social and entertaining creatures that they are, chickens will love having you around. It will help them be friendlier towards you and strengthen the bond they share with you. Even if it’s just ten extra minutes of your time every day, being around your chickens is an experience that builds memories and provides many kinds of opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Go have some fun with your flock!

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  1. Rosdez31
    "Great article"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Feb 5, 2019
    Its so easy to get bogged down with your chores with animals around. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy their company.
  2. alexa009
    "It's Great To Spend Time With Your Chickens!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 1, 2018
    Interacting and spending time with your chickens is a very fun hobby! Even though when it comes to cleaning out the coop etc.. Great article!:thumbsup
  3. Macchickenman
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 25, 2018
    Great article and great idea.... Spent 5 hours with them today and feel blessed.....


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  1. alexa009
    The part about where the grass needs mowing is true, in one of my flocks, the chickens love grass and in my breeding pen, the grass is growing over their heads! Seriously!
  2. kcpaull
    For the past couple years, my husband and I would sit out with our chickens in the evening. I found it relaxing and it was great to get a break from constant housework. My husband pretty much was a donor at the Mosquito Blood Bank, so he stopped coming out. I soon stopped sitting with them, too. Now, they no longer want to lay eggs. I'm starting to wonder if they feel we no longer care about them? I miss sitting with my chickens. Maybe they miss me, too.
  3. Abriana
    Do you know how many illnesses I’ve spotted early and taken care of quickly and well just because I spend an extra couple minutes or so watching the flock? It’s so worth it, do it!!
  4. VHoff
    I couldn't agree more! I'm early in the learning curve for this whole chicken keeping thing, and have made a point of bringing a stool in to the coop or their run each day and just sitting with them for a while. It's given me insight in to their communication and personalities, and I'll often find myself laughing out-loud in response to their silly behavior. I did my share of reading books on chicken care before actually getting birds, but nothing I read could have actually prepared me for richness of their personalities--perhaps I should have started my research on BYC!
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  5. mosander
    You are right. Spending time with chickens is fun and rewarding.
  6. rdcowman
    Awesome Article!:) Everyday i go out in my coop/run for about an hour and i just love it. You get to know there personalities and bond with them!:D
      VHoff likes this.
  7. lucymarcysally
    I'm a first time chicken owner and just love my girls! I only have 3, Lucy, Marcy and Sally, and it's the perfect number for me. Each girl has her own personality and they all come running to me if they so much as hear the door open. Sally is kind of a loner and Marcy and Sally are pretty close. Their coop is inside the vegetable garden and there is a 5' tall fence around the garden. Now Sally and Marcy have figured out they can fly up to the top of the fence and get into the main back yard and roam all day long. Poor Lucy hasn't figured out that trick so she stays in the garden until I get home from work to let her out. Come bedtime Sally is the first to go back over the fence, get into the coop and go to bed. Marcy will stay in the yard with Lucy until I come out to let Lucy into the garden so she can go to bed. One night last week I totally forgot about putting them to bed so around 11 when I let the dogs out, imagine my surprise when I saw Marcy heading towards me!! It was easy to pick her up, put her in the garden and she went straight into the coop. Now I just had to find Lucy. She had climbed into a small dog house and was sound asleep in there. I picked her up and took her to join her 2 sisters in their coop and could hear her making her purring sounds when she got back with her sisters. Lucy also loves to "help" me when I'm gardening. One time when I was digging a hole to plant a tree she decided to jump down into the hole I was digging. The hole was deep enough that I didn't think she could get out but she did. Silly girl. My girls are so much fun and no matter what a lousy day I've had they always make me feel better. And did I mention they are fine hanging out with the dogs and cats?? Another cool thing to see!
  8. awarmrainyday
    I wish my husband understood this! I need a minimum of a half hour in the morning and and at least an hour or more in the afternoon. Sometimes I take a book out to the coop in the evening and sit on a bucket and watch them sleep and read for awhile. After two or three hours my husband will just call my cell phone to make sure I'm still alive.
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  9. Abubakar Yusuf Mati
    Mashaa Allah, I have been looking for this kind of article for a while, But finally I found it today. THANK YOU
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  10. quackers and me
    Loved this article. I have been talking to my chickens ever since we had the first 3 given to us by a friend. We at present have 32 several of which are roosters and they are all separated out into different groups. I need to bring them all together but 17 of them are still too young to introduce to the others. I spend time with them all daily. However I do not have any cuddlers in the entire bunch. I have tried. Even though they aren't afraid of me they also don't want to be petted or cuddled. Yes you are so right about the different personalities they all have their own and no 2 are alike. Our oldest group of 13 and 1/2 (momma and baby) free range every day and gladly come running any time I set foot outside my door with the exception of momma and baby. Momma is still keeping baby separated from the others. She will bring it around me but not around them. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated this article as I just love to read other peoples experiences with their chickens and or ducks.
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  11. Kimberlee516
    These are so very true. I find I would rather be sitting in my yard talking to my chickens. They may not understand but they each have their own personality. I have a rooster who thinks he is a dog and sneaks in my house daily! Knows his way up the stairs and thru the kitchen because he has figured out where the people are. Sad that the world has come to a place where we are more intune with our pets than the people. God bless us all. Happy Chicken talking everyone.
  12. Smuch
    You are absolutely right. I have a lot of chickens because somehow I ended up rescuing chickens that needed homes so I can't be with each of them as often as I'd like, but I know them all by name (that I gave them, of course) and I often say I could write a soap opera about what they do using just the names and people would think it was about humans. They are marvelous creatures and we are so lucky to have them.
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  13. Summer Lion
    Great article! I spend time with my girls, and enjoy every minute. I had the giggles for 30 minutes over 1 who gave up her nesting box to another, then regretted it by voicing it loudly and comically. Mind you, there are more nesting boxes in the coop then there are chickens, but no, only that one would do, lol. I had a bad fall yesterday afternoon...nothing broken....and I missed not putting them in for the night and letting them out this morning. Hubby took care of them, but I still missed seeing them.
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  14. Acinom
    Awesome article :)
  15. Then I Will
    Hahhahaha, notice that the grass in the chicken yard needs mowed? Yeah right.
    Great article! Lovely photos.
  16. Isaiah Mack
    I take my chickens mainly my two roosters (one at a time of course I need a hand to steer) on rides up to the bus stop (which is a ways) on an electric polaris ranger.
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  17. AprilDrake
    I would DIE without a full hour every morning! I need my chickie time every day! I feel cheated out of life with less.
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  18. shearches
    Great article! Spending time with my 35 chickens unwinds the stresses of my management job.They truly do have unique personalities, and a lot to offer in the antics category! Can't imagine life without my feathered friends!
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  19. johnwesleybarke
    Aye - lovely article. Thanks.

    We live next to a large coppice and open farmland in Dorset with 'leaky' hedges all around the garden. Top predators here are foxes, sparrowhawks and buzzards. Our chickens and call ducks are mostly running free in our enclosed garden. The ducks have a run to protect them from predators and the chickens have a small run attached to their coop. When we're not around the flock is put away, otherwise they're out from dawn until dusk - or thereabouts. They clearly love our company as we do theirs. We make a point of going out and walk around at least once an hour as if there is any predator sizing up the garden, then our random visits may deter them from entering our garden. We're also sensitive to the flocks behaviour, they alarm when they sense danger or become frightened and we react to their instinctive reactions and put them in for a while to protect them. Our cockerel 'Doodle' is a wonderful lookout for danger too, he's been an invaluable recent addition to our flock.
  20. JesusHChicken
    Great article. Spending time with your flock provides enrichment for you and them! Despite having hawks, eagles, and other woodland creatures about my chickens all free roam. I think my dogs keep a lot of creatures away and having their coop inside the goat pen helps.
  21. pacorona
    My four ladies have such different personalities and each is entertaining in her own way. We have two Rhode Island Reds, Princess and Brownie. Brownie is the most vocal of all of the flock, and she will follow me around just continually keeping up a conversation. Princess likes to talk too, but only when she is fussing - about wanting more treats, wishing to be set free from her coop, or complaining about the others. Winter is a White Leghorn, and really is the leader of the group - where ever she goes, the others are usually very close to her. Sometimes she will suddenly remember that she should be waaay over there and will pick up her skirt and fly/run to another spot, checking to see that the others are following. She is also the smallest of the flock. Last but definitely not least is Raven, a beautiful Araucana who is so proud that only she can lay blue eggs that she's only missed a handful of days in the two years we've had her. She is quite offish, doesn't like to be petted, and will stay on the outskirts even when treats are being given out. This works to her benefit, though, as everyone continues to try to win her over so she gets more attention that way! Beautiful creatures, they are friendly with the cats and the dogs (who once in a while like to see them run a short distance) and don't seem to mind it when they sniff around at them. I never thought I'd ever get attached to a chicken, but my four are very special - all you have to do is ask them!!
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  22. wolfinator
    I currently have 3 flocks in separate pens, plus a duck pen. My small pen has 2 hens and a black Australorp rooster, they are less receptive towards me. They will run to the gate to greet me but won't allow me to touch them (trying to work with them). Only 1 has started laying, they're 17 weeks old.
    My middle pen has my older chickens (bantams), they're all about 2 1/2 yrs old. I still get up to 21 eggs weekly from my 6 hens (only 3 are regular layers) with their rooster. Before I got all my other chickens and ducks, they were free ranged with supervision. But the hawks are too many now and we've had some stray dogs in area. They followed me all over the backyard.
    My biggest pen has 21 in it (17 hens, 4 roosters). They are all about 20 weeks and some started laying at 16 weeks. I now get 13+ eggs a day (70+ weekly) from them. They get so excited to see me, they come flying from in the coop or back of pen. If I didn't have 7 ft high fencing with netting over it, they'd fly right out to me. Most have to be petted every time I enter pen, a few will gently nip my pants to have me pick them up. I have one girl that has to sit on my lap every time, if I don't let her, she'll try to fly up on my shoulder. I can even hold my roosters (when I can catch them). The roosters are 2 RIR and 2 black Australorps.
    My ducks are khaki Campbell's, were given to me and they run from me (hurts my feelings). 2 are about 20 weeks (1 & 1), 4 are about 16 weeks (1 drake).
  23. tsisqua
    Great article - informative and enlightening!
  24. kcpaull
    We built our coop on the next lot over where I old house use to stand. We left the back deck in tact since it was in decent shape. We sit over there with them every evening and give them a few treats. They often ask us questions when looking for treats, at least they sound like questions as they go up at the end. They know that "all gone" means there are no more treats and they sound so sad when we tell them that.
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  25. rdcowman
    Awesome article!:)
  26. Sara Dobson
    Great article our chickens often follow us down to the vineyard when we are pruning and and scratch about down there often chatting away to me. And yes I do chat back to them they are more companionable than our snobby cat that never comes down,
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  27. allisonrbaker
    Our birds are family for sure. I never realized how unique and interesting each chicken would be in their own right. And oh the therapy! I've cried to them, laughed at them, shared with them, cuddled, and been really unhappy with some of the bigger gals picking on the young ones. But I love them all.
  28. Spiritsmeadow
    This is a great article and so true. My clothesline is in the chickens' yard...they comment non-stop on how lovely my clothes are, they sit under them in the shade, and I turn on a water mist device on my hose-it stands up by itself (From Home Depot) and mists us all in the hot days...they love it, and also I have a wading pond set up for them, they LOVE to cool off their feet. Oh the world would be such an empty place without our birds! And horses, barn cats, Great Pyrenees dogs, gardens, and on and on. How lucky we are to keep these wonderful funny birds, to hear my 2 huge HUGE roosters crow at moonlight and sunrise, to have the land to keep them and the money and time to give them great lives. Well done everyone!
    1. Red Door Coop
      Spiritsmeadow, I really enjoyed your reply! The descriptive words and visual picture you depicted gave many ideas to "do" so for the first time I have them "all" OUT for two 1 hour sessions each day. They are learning that "tuuuck" "tuck" means its time to get ready to come in - I have one rebeller! So tonight after their usual time I waited to start until the one hour included the sun mostly going down and they came in pretty well on their own! So blessings on your "chickgirls".
  29. Mamaws girls
    #9 is beneficial for humans and chickens alike
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  30. chitownhens
    Always spend time with the girls to make sure they are okay and bring them a few treats. Whenever they hear the back door open they all rush to the gate.
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  31. ron8072
    Best article yet! I have experienced all of this and enjoy my flock completely. They are family to me, as I am to them. Amazing creatures. Humanity could learn a lot from them.
  32. rdfields68
    Great article! Very true too! I spend every afternoon outside with them. When it's been hot I have a fan out by my chair when I'm hanging out with them. When they are out in the afternoon and I disappear inside for a few minutes when I come back out they come running. I love my girls and my cockerel Rudy. They won't let me pet them really but they eat out of my hand and one will jump up on my leg begging for a treat. Lol
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  33. Percysmom
    This was a great article. I spend 1/2 hour to an hour with my girls every evening and I can tell they consider me part of the flock. They all have unique personalitys and I find it is the best way to relax after a stressful day.
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  34. Chicken Girl1
    Another wonderful article Sarah!
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  35. DustyDawgy
    Great article!!
  36. peastix
    Wonderful article!
  37. Teila
    Great article ... Couldn't agree more! I work from home and no matter how bad my day, when I walk out the door and let the girls out for supervised free range, you can guarantee they have me smiling within minutes .. they are the best therapy and also good listeners ;)
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  38. kaycountry1016
    We got 8 chickens in April 2015 and got 3 more in April 2016. We have always spent time with them and we sit with them every day (weather permitting) so they can free range. They love cherrios and sunflower seeds and jump on our laps and shoulders to get them or chase after them when we throw them. I didn't know chickens could be so amusing until we got some plus their eggs are great. Kay in NC... 8 5 16
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  39. James Beller
    Eventually you will become part of the flock and they will peck bugs off you sometimes scabs but oh well. They are really great and each chicken will eventually become comfortable eating from your hand. After so much interaction you may be able to pick them up. They might just come to you though. Some of my chickens will jump on me then sometimes they will just hang around you and you can pet them. They are very great animals.
  40. RezChamp
    Ooooooops! ...."of " different species... Not "do"
  41. RezChamp
    Yes. Kinda tuff with 200 birds do different species but like I said, Yes.
  42. ladyearth
    I have one gal Silver Girl she loves to be loved. she wants to be cuddled and patted. she wants to rest her neck over my arm and close her eyes and nap/
    more than the rest of them.
    I didnt spend enough cuddle time with the first bunch so they are more standoffish...
    I know each of their "whines" and their voices... I even cut off their dif colored tie wraps on their legs (Gold for Gold, Black for Blakey,ink for PInkee LEEEE,No wrap for NO-NIE, White for Whittey, etc)cause I know each of them up close.....even though the are all BRockers they each have a diff face.....
    just a saying
  43. cukuriku
    Greatly appreciated! I spend time with them in general, though I only have chicks of 6 weeks old now, so they're still a bit reluctant to stay around me. Eitherway, they usually end up on my lap, and then they go back in the coop. Today though, I pet them, calmed them down, and they fell asleep cuddled on my lap with their heads tucked into my arm-it was so adorable! That's when I regretted forgetting an important point in this article-I didn't bring a camera! Too bad, if I'd get up they would've woken up and that's it. So remember everyone-don't forget that camera!
  44. country girl44
    Great article.
  45. 21hens-incharge
    I totally agree. It is hot and not so much fun during the afternoon. The evening however is a prime chance to hang out with them as the day winds down. It is a great way to relax. Thank you for the reminder to get out there.
  46. BuffOrps416
    Thanks mountain peeps... great article too!
  47. EthansChickens3
    Those are perfect examples of why the chickens are always running away. Its because im not spending more time with them. Thanks for giving those wonderful tips on how to communicate with your flock!
  48. EggSighted4Life
    This is a great article that perfectly describes the reasons why I love hanging out with my flock!
  49. Wyorp Rock
    Great article!
  50. austrolover1
    Very good article!

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