Tennessee Breeders Page - West Middle and East Tennessee

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  1. DMRippy
    Middle Tennessee

    BKPuckett - Dodson Branch, TN

    White Bearded Silkies
    SC Nankins
    Barred Rock Bantams
    Silverduckwing OE
    BBRed Modern Game
    Bobby Boles Asil
    Sid Taylor

    BrandyJK - Pleasant View

    Bantam Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
    Bantam Cochins in Brown Red, Lemon Blue, and Various Frizzle
    Isabelle Leghorns

    carson42099 - Mt. Juliet

    buff orpingtons
    Soon to have:
    BBS orps
    Black orps
    Black copper marans

    CityGirlintheCountry - Murfreesboro area

    Blue and Splash Ameraucanas
    Easter Eggers
    Olive Eggers
    Buff Orpingtons
    Buff Silkies (show line)
    the occasional random bantam mutt

    ChickenMan TN - Greenbrier

    Speckled Sussex

    chknoodles - Crump (Hardin County)

    Blue and Black and Splash Jersey Giant
    Light and Buff Brahma
    American Buff Orpington
    English Import Jubilee and Mottled Orpington
    White Leghorn
    Exchequer Leghorn
    Crested Cream Legbar
    Blue and Regular Plymouth Barred Rock
    Salmon Favorolles (in the incubator now - Feb 2015)
    Narragansett Turkey
    Heritage Bronze Turkey
    Rio Grande and Rio Grande Mix Turkey
    Pearl, Buff, Coral Blue & Lavender Guinea

    CPegram - Eagleville

    Cream Legbars
    Black/Blue copper Marans
    Olive Eggers
    Black/Blue/Splash silkies
    Swedish Flower Hens (fall of 2015)

    cree57i - Mt. Juliet

    Isabel Leghorns
    Dark Brown Leghorns
    Isbar- 1st import
    Swedish Flower Hens
    Olive Eggers

    DMRippy - Ashland City/Nashville Area

    Blue and Reg Barred Rocks
    Blue and Black Rock
    BLUE Silver Penciled Rocks
    BLUE Partridge Rocks
    Blue Black and Splash Copper Marans
    Blue and Reg Cuckoo Marans (Not untill 2017)
    PROJECT Blue and Black Marans (not till fall though 2016)
    Lavender Copper Marans
    Olive Eggers
    Super Blue Egg Layers/Sapphires
    Lavender Ameraucanas (splits too)
    White Leghorns
    Blue and Reg Exchequer Leghorns
    White Breese (should have some in spring/summer of 2016)
    Crested Cream Legbars
    Guinea - White, Pearl, Pied, pinto, Choc, Royal Purple, Lavender, Porcelain, Coral Blue, and Buff dundotte maybe a few other colors too
    Mille Fleur Leghorns
    Isabelle Leghorns (summer 2016)
    Blue Mottled Eng Orpingtons (working on these)

    Silver Penciled Wyandottes
    Silkies - Buff, White, BBS, Paint, Porcelain and Show Girls.

    Ebinion - Westmoreland, TN

    Olive Eggers
    Lavender Ameraucana

    emmalynn - Lewisburg Area

    White Curly Sebastopol Geese
    Bantam White Wyandottes

    Wyandottes are incubating now so nothing until next year if I keep them.

    FeyRaine - East-Middle TN (Fall Creek Falls)

    Heritage Barred Rock
    Cream Legbar
    Swedish Flower Hen
    Mutt EE (F2 are from CL Roo over Barnyard mix EEs any colored eggs possible)

    Fireman0298 - South Middle TN (Collinswood)

    Australorps Black and in the spring 2015 Blue

    Lots A Cluckin - Walling, TN. White Co.

    Large Fowl English Orpingtons: Blue, Black, Splash, Lavender, Jubilee, & Chocolate.

    Masonicflock - North Middle Tn - Springfield

    Barred Rocks
    RIR/PR (Rhode Islands/Production Reds)
    Buff Oripingtons
    Black Jersey Giants
    Black Sex Links

    Msmeower - Middle TN- Shelbyville/Lynchburg/Tullahoma (Bedford County)

    Polish Crested (frizzled and smooth)
    Bantam Cochin (frizzled and smooth)
    Black Marans
    Easter Egger
    Olive Egger
    Heritage Turkeys (various colors)
    Red Golden Pheasants
    Muscovey Ducks
    Pekin Ducks

    Raven1 - Carthage, work in Sparta

    Millie Fleur Leghorns
    Crested Cream Legbars
    White Marans
    Birchen Marans
    Blk/Bl Copper Marans
    Golden Cuckoo Marans
    White Silkie/Showgirls
    Mixed Polish (LF)
    White Peacocks
    Dark Pied Peacocks
    Mixed Color Guineas
    Mini Pigs

    Silver Rock - Lawrenceburg

    Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks / Large Fowl

    taylynnp Sparta TN

    Black sex links- Buckeyes x BR




    fowlsessed - Spring City,TN

    Ko Shamo
    A few Asil (Aseel) families
    White Homing Pigeons
    Misc. Fancy Pigeons

    PoultryLady - Delano, TN Polk Co.

    Black Australorps
    Roade Island Reds
    Buff Orpingtons
    Lavander Orpingtons
    Barred Rocks
    Buff Laced Polish Tophats
    Crele Polish Tophats
    French Black Copper Marans
    Turkens in standard and Bantams
    White Crested Black Polish Tophats
    White Leghorns
    Peafowl-India Blues, Whites and Cameos
    Pheasants- Red Goldens, Goldens. Silvers, Lady Amherst, and ringnecks
    Ringneck Doves
    Bourbon Red Turkeys
    Quail- Georgia Giants, Pharoah, Mexican Speckled, Buttons
    Mandarin Ducks
    Ringed Teal Ducks
    Muscovey Ducks
    Geese- Pomarian, embden

    Red Ridge - Red Ridge Farm in East TN (Kingston)

    Rhode Island Reds (Standard bred Rose Comb)
    & Rhodebars (foundation and improved genetics)

    Skyline Farms - Jonesborough

    LF Salmon Faverolles

    TNBEARCHICK- Johnson City, TN

    Chocolate Bantam
    Lemon Cuckoo

    Gold/Buff laced
    Blue Columbian
    Dark Bantams
    Buff Bantams
    Gold Partridge

    Cream Crested Legbar
    Double laced Blue/Black/Splash Barnevelders
    Swedish Flower Hens
    Barred Rock
    Silver Penciled Rock
    Russian Orloff
    White "American" Bresse
    Blue Wheaten Ameracaunas
    Coronation Sussex
    Black Australorps

    Trooper Man - Mountain City

    Swedish flower hens
    Dark Brahmas

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  1. Katkumo
    This list is not up to date, is there a way to reach out among the members and do a new and improved list?
  2. kiara0927
    I'm looking for a Lavender orpington Rooster over a year old if possible.if anyone has one for sale or trade in the Tri-Cities area or surrounding areas pls contact me
  3. DMRippy
    @Allore79 the quickest way would be to PM her on here. That is her name on BYC. BUT maybe this will get her attention. @CityGirlintheCountry Can you help her?
  4. Allore79
    How can I get contact information for CityGirlintheCountry - Murfreesboro area? I would like to see about buying some laying hens. Thank you!!
  5. cree57i
    I need to update my list. Who can help me with that?
  6. fowlsessed
    Spring City,TN
    Ko Shamo
    A few Asil (Aseel) families
    White Homing Pigeons
    Misc. Fancy Pigeons
  7. cpegram
    @Sparky16 you can send me a PM with what you have and I can add you
  8. Sparky16
    How can I get added to this list?
  9. purplehen
    Thanks so much DMRippy. I will see who I can reach. I have been getting a few hatching eggs but my PO has been holding them an extra day or leaving in my mailbox.
  10. DMRippy
    @purplehen I have 2 pullets laying (I think) but I have not but the cockerel with them yet. I know that @TNBEARCHICK has them in Johnson City and someone else in Wartrace sorry can't think of their name. Look on the Bielefelder thread. I don't know of anyone in Knoxville that has any.... I don't really know of anyone in Knoxville
  11. purplehen
    Hello, volunteer state breeders. I am searching for some Bielefielder chicks. Would like to pick up if possible. I am near Knoxville. Also looking for peafowl chicks. Any help appreciated.
  12. DMRippy
    You can PM anyone on the list. Their user names are listed FIRST.
  13. RaisingtheBars
    Yes! super helpful, educational and interesting to anyone curious about community resources. Maybe I'll branch out someday!
  14. Cinny
    Wow…I missed this posting….great idea!

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