This is me and my husband Roger, we have five, yes 5 grandsons and a lot of animals.....
We have 3 quarter horses, 2 miniature horses and one mini donkey,
THEN there's the famed chickens,,, We have 21 RHode Island Reds, currently 25 Cornish Hens, 5 Red Golden pheasants, 2 Yellow Gold Pheasants and probably about 50 quail..... Oh yes, and Ricky and Lucy, my Tennessee Fainting Goats, and also 2 Beltsville White female turkeys, oh yes and 5 bantam blue cochins. WHEW! I almost cant' remember them all, maybe that means something.... We have recently bought an old farm house and have been working on making a village for all the birds and goats. We've put up an exterior 5 foot fence and are now building houses and pens for all the animals. Below is a picture of a couple of the houses so far, well I'll be back to finish more later.