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  1. ILuvMyFlock
    Sadly a lot of these are not enforced, and it leaves newcomers like me with a bad taste in the mouth. A lot of the users who post a lot are allowed to bully the newbies, it's just not a nice atmosphere at all... I've personally seen many newbies asking question only to be told to use the search button, I mean come on how hard is it to just answer the question? and the cliques here are nauseating to say the least. Perhaps taking on unbiased moderators is a start? The members should all be treated equally no matter how many posts they may or may not have.
    1. firestomp
      Sorry anyone gets this treatment, it will always be in media, at work, schools, or even in families. I ask a lot of questions, and try to help others with answers or ideas whenever asked. You will need to build a wall to this and continue to ask what you want. Everywhere in life there are those that know everything. I for one am not book smart, I have learned from questions, trial and error as well as self tought to do many things. Hang in there.
    2. Flufferes
      Yeah, those random ramblings cliques are TIGHT. It's like trying to crawl through a woven basket.
  2. PastaChickenBoo
    Dutchbunny I agree...social media sites are clogged with profane language these days
  3. DutchBunny03
    These are great rules! The use of swearing, profanity, etc., gets quite aggravating in some social media websites. It's nice to have that not be used here. The part about harassing others is also great.
  4. Flock Master64
    It took me and hour to read
  5. kidcody
    It is always important to stand with all rules whether you feel strongly that these rules can be changed. It is more important to have one person tail blaze on what they feel is right. But time and talking will only bring us all closer to finding a solution that benefits all of us in the long terms, and like all meaningful, minds coming together. This all takes time. Working together is a rather easy step as taking these steps forward to make as all more reliable and trustworthy from working to improve om small size situation to finding someone to take on biigger eyeopening situations and problems that can be resolved, one step closer...we all want peace and happiness. Lets take those steps forward many more times. To show others we all want the same goal, that is happiness and happinees to each out and help our fellow friends!

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