terri1nd's 2010 chicken coop

Temporary Winter Coop

Now is it just me & the husband (of 36 years), plus 1 cat & 1 dog, since our 3 children have grown up & left the nest. To help get over the empty nest syndrome, I got CHICKENS. Having chickens can sure be addictive too I'm learning. We live on a hobby farm near Carrington, ND.
Up until late fall I had my chickens in a portable Hoop Coop. I had planned to get a winter coop done before fall, but with unforeseen events, it never got done, so I had to figure out what to do for the chickens for the winter, since it can get to -35F here in the winter.

I have mostly Partridge Chanteclers, which I chose because they were bred for harsh winters of Canada, not unlike the winters that we have here in North Dakota.
I also have a couple of Barred Plymouth Rock hens, Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, Light Brahma, & Silver Laced Wyandotte hens, for a total of 24 chickens. I sectioned off part of our garage where we keep our winter supply of wood for the woodstove. As you can see in the photos the building has no added insulation.


There are no vents in this bldg & DH does not want to put any holes for vents in his garage, especially since this is a temporary bldg. I do have 2 windows I can open.
We were given a camper shell that DH put on a small walled frame & insulated it for the coop inside the partitioned side of the garage.

The higher I tried making the separation wall, they would laugh at me & fly over to the top of the wall from on top the camper shell.

Lots of frustration on that one.
I put a tarp over the chicken area, to keep dander from getting on everything and also to keep the chickens from getting over the other side.

(there is clear plastic sheeting behind the green snow fence material part of my temporary wall)

The bldg has huge sliding doors, but even when shut the blowing snow still manages to get in. I suppose that is a good thing, so long as no unwanted critters get in. I have seen signs of tiny footprints in the snow inside, so I have taken my rat zapper out, so we shall see how long it takes to get rid of them.

(Now for the back side (west))
Since finding out about the ventilation issues I have opened the west window which has a windbreak of trees abt 20 ft away from the bldg., plus we have the portable hoop coop places against the west side of the bldg & that has tarps still on 3 sides.


I have it so the chickens can go out the little door & right into the hoop coop (I had to remove the roosts from the hoop coop, so they would go in the inside)


I'm taking in fresh water & more oyster shell, grit & some scratch feed

Our dog KC making sure no rabbits or foxes are nearby