Tevye's Illustrated Guide to Hygiene

By Tevyes Dad · Feb 3, 2017 · ·
  1. Tevyes Dad
    This is a repost from a thread, but I think it probably works better as an article.

    Tevye, as the official Spokesduck of the flock, will now give a lesson in basic hygiene:

    The first step is to decide to clean up. Choose a time when there are no scary rivals in your pool...

    Next you puff up your feathers. This will release the dirt and grime trapped there as well as let more water in to deep clean your plumage...

    Then you beat the tar out of your feathers...

    I mean it! Don't be afraid to go crazy! Dirt, insects, leftover food scraps all trapped in those feathers...

    If anything or anyone around you is dry... You aren't done...

    Give it an ultrasonic shake to get the tough stains out...

    And don't forget to wash your face... (Pssst, Entie... get out of the shot...)

    And behind your ears...

    Now you are clean... You motor on over to the ramp...

    And throw on a towel.

    You will note at this point, my soft quilted chest is kind of lumpy...

    And some feathers are severely out of place.

    But a little time

    spent meticulously preening

    removing damaged feathers

    and putting the rest in place

    is well worth the result

    of wonderfully groomed



    I think that went well...

    Arrrrrg! Girls!

    Why didn't you tell me there was this crumb on my foot? Now I feel like an idiot!

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  1. Debs Flock
    Love it! The photobomb by Entie gets an A+. :thumbsup
  2. Tevyes Dad
    It is vinyl roof panels. They are fastened with machine screws and washers. It isn't great, but it works for now.
  3. room onthebroom
    Hahahaha! That was awesome & Tevye is so handsome! What's your ramp made out of? I see pvc, a rubber mat & possibly zip ties. What is the solid surface under the mat & how did you attach it to the pvc?
  4. PeepersMama
    XDXD that's amazing!!! Very well done.
  5. FlyWheel
    Hey!He forgot to scrub his back! ;)
  6. Whittni
  7. NathanZee
    Aww what a great story!
  8. Yorkshire Coop
    Fabulous page and so entertaining! Congrats on other poultry POW :)
  9. N F C
    Good job!
  10. Miss Lydia
    Great way to start the day off.. We all love Tevye and Tony too.
  11. Chicken Girl1
    Thanks for sharing! Made me smile :)!
  12. Krazyquilts
    So cute!!!!
  13. Bills vs Beaks
    Very funny! (thumbs up)
  14. Wyorp Rock
    Love the photos and story!
  15. CuzChickens
    What a cute little story!

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