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    My name is Andres and I am from South Texas... the real South Texas, Harlingen to be exact... A little bit about me, I have always had a passion for animals and I belive one day I will own a zoo... or a wild life park... Im working on it... As I familiarize my self with this page's building program... I will add to it and fix it up... Pictures will come slowly...
    My current stock:
    Lady Amherst Pheasants,
    Red Golden Pheasants,
    Elliots Pheasants,
    Chinese Ring Neck Pheasants,
    Green Ring Neck Pheasants,
    A Curassow,
    Wild Turkeys
    White Turkeys
    Black Spanish Turkeys
    Burbon Red Turkeys
    Mountain Quail
    Polish Chickens
    Cochin Chickens
    Arucana Chickens
    Turken Chickens
    Pearl Guinea
    IB Peafowl
    Pied Peafowl
    Black Shoulder Peafowl
    Cameo Peafowl
    Java Green Peafowl
    Pure Green Peafowl
    Black Beef Master Cattle
    Boar / Spanish Goats
    Paint Horses
    Red Deer
    Pied Snakes
    Sulcata Tortoises
    Aldabra Tortoises
    Red Footed Tortoies
    Albino Red Eared Slider Turtles
    and thats it for now.... I currently have a few True Silver Pheasants and Reeves Pheasants chicks that I plan to raise into my stock. Each year I plan to add to my stock and one day have my zoo.
    For 2010, I plan to add Vultureine Guinea's, a Few new Pheasant Breeds, a few colored Peafowl forms, and Macaws.​

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