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    Member page for TPS Roleplay.

    Kasey– Female, living, 16, blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, Pure Soul, @9SpiceyChickens

    Kat Adreinne Smith– Female, living, 12, dark green eyes, maroon red hair, Tiffany Smith (mother, NPC) Zacary Smith (father, NPC) Human, @9SpiceyChickens

    Lara Jenny Cress– Female, living, 17, blue/silver eyes, silver hair, Angel, @Butterscotchlikesfingers

    Ebony Darkflower– Female, living, dark brown almost black eyes, 16, dark red hair, Demon, @Butterscotchlikesfingers

    Jane Burchet– Female, living, dark green eyes, 21, black hair, Gregory (father, deceased) Annabelle (mother, deceased) Jim (brother, living, 13, NPC) Sam (brother, living, 16, NPC) Harper (brother, living, 18, NPC) Demon, @Butterscotchlikesfingers

    Stellar Bystand– Female, living, 16, Sea blue/gold eyes, golden blonde hair, Human, @Butterscotchlikesfingers

    Kate Jade Elion– Female, living, 21, dark brown/red hair, red/pink eyes, Pure Soul, @Butterscotchlikesfingers

    Niebo (Sky) Minvera (Wisdom) Johnson– Female, living, 16, Light green eyes, light red hair, Angel, @ladybugchickenfarms

    Briar Muscari Hyacinth (Rosie)– Female, living, 12, dark blue eyes, dark red/brown hair, Ronni (half-sister, living) Andrew Gelure (father, living) Azalea Hyacinth (mother, deceased) Pure Soul, @Frost bite88

    Ronni Gelure– Female, living, 21, one eye dark brown, the other ice blue, dyed blue hair, Briar Muscari Huacinth (sister, living) Andrew Gelure (father, living) Human, @Frost bite88

    Adakias Gladiolus– Male, living, 17, lavender eyes, reddish/pinkish hair, Pallis Gladiolus (brother, living) Sangara Gladiolus (mother, NPC) Barayas Gladiolus (father, NPC) Angel, @Frost bite88

    Pallis Gladiolus– Male, living, 20, dark violet eyes, red/black hair, Adakias Gladiolus (brother, living) Sangara Gladiolus (mother, NPC) Baravas Gladiolus (father, NPC) Demon, @Frost bite88

    Auralia Grace Dyani– Female, living, 13, blue/white eyes, blonde hair, Angel, @MillefleurGirl137

    Celestial Dream Moore– Female, living, 18, white blonde hair, light blue eyes, Ashley Phoenix Moore (mother, deceased) Jake Mehki Moore (father, deceased) James Peter Moore (grandfather, deceased) Leona Teresa Moore (grandmother, deceased) Scorpio Ashton Moore (brother, living) Angel, @Cluckcluck1215

    Scorpio Ashton Moore– Male, living, 21, black hair, violet and red eyes, Ashley Phoenix Moore (mother, deceased) Jake Mehki Moore (father, deceased) James Peter Moore (grandfather, deceased) Leona Teresa Moore (grandmother, deceased) Celestial Dream Moore (sister, living) Demon, @Cluckcluck1215

    Thrydwulf Lycan Lonson– Male, living, 21, white-blonde hair, silver eyes, Saga Lauren Lonson (sister, presumed deceased) Blevine Lywulf Nollen (cousin, living) Angel, @Cluckcluck1215

    Nyx Victoria Davis– Female, living, 29, dark red hair, dark green eyes, Demon @Cluckcluck1215

    Blevine Lywulf Nollen– Male, living, 19, middle toned brown hair, orange-red eyes, Demon, @Cluckcluck1215

    Saga Lauren Lonson– Female, living, 20, brown/blonde hair, pastel blue purple eyes, Blevine Lywulf Nollen (cousin, living) Thrydwulf Lycan Lonson (brother, living) @Cluckcluck1215

    Genevieve Augusta Chausson– Female, living, 18, dark blue eyes, auburn hair, Angel, @vachick15

    Wren Miranda Alger– Female, living, 14, hazel/pale blue eyes, mouse-brown hair, Human, @HeavensHens88

    Halwyn Clyde– Female, living, 21, green eyes, dark dirty blonde hair, Angel, @PeepersMama

    Tannyn Yom– Female, living, 27, dark forest earth brown, coal black hair, Demon, @PeepersMama

    Roleplay found here (OPEN FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME!)–

    Chat thread found here–ë-pürë-Šøüłš-roleplay—-chat-thread.1290156/page-2

    "Kasey Slinkard"

    Age: 15
    Gender: F
    Personality: Very modern, and up on trends. Knows what to say and what not to say. Very unemotional to everyone but her closest friends.
    Eye Color: Bright blue
    Hair Color: Strawberry blonde
    Skin Tone: Fair, with a slight tan
    Weight: 110
    Height: 5'2"
    Build: Flat stomach, finely muscled, but flexible
    Clothing Style: Very trendy. Crop Tops, Ripped Jeans, converses, vans. Often seen in tye dye and pastel colors
    Hair Style: Waist long hair, wears it in high ponytails, waterfall braids, space buns, and french braids. Always up- never down.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: Has TINY red horns, that are hidden from her hair, and always has a circle of light above her head, kinda like a mini halo.
    History: Explaine in my RP example
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Clumsy, petite, has mild depression, and anxiety
    Strength's: Very flexible, innocent, a good liar, very fast
    Species(Angel or Demon): Human, if possible, pureblood If not, thats fine too.
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: Yes
    Quirks: Vegan
    Fears: Has fear of falling and a EXTREME fear of bridges
    Likes: Books, Tea, Smoothies, pillows, and dogs
    Dislikes: People who pretend to have depression, vines, people who don't listen to her.
    Family: Her mother was an angel and her father a demon, but she turned out human/pure blood????
    Username: 9SpiceyChickens or Spicey
    Other: I have a RP example

    "Kat Adrienne Smith"

    Gender: Female
    Personality: Hot headed, very opinonated, doesn't trust a lot of people. She isn't friends with many, but if you are her "friend" its a love-hate realationship. She helps you in hard times, but if its any other time, she very pushy.
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: A deep, almost maroon-ish red
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Weight: 125 IBs
    Height: 5'4"
    Build: Muscular legs, some okayish abs, and small biceps. Muscular for a 12 year old girl, and very active and tall
    Clothing Style: Always in something super casual. Wears greys, blacks, blues, and whites. Wears light high waisted jeans and berkenstocks.
    Hair Style: Her hair goes halfway down her back,
    Physical Features/Tattoos: Freckles on the bridge of her nose and a scar from her chin to her left shoulder.
    History: Lived as a normal human her whole life, except for when she sneaks to hang out with the Pure Bloods.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Doesn't listen, hotheaded, and
    Strength's: Good with animals and judges fairly.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Human
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: Nope
    Quirks: Loves animals and hiccups when she laughs
    Fears: SUPER into supernaturaul things, such as the number 13, zodiac signs and things like that.
    Likes: Animals, escpicielly horses. Loves when people genuinelly laugh or smile or give a compliment.
    Dislikes: Hates people who ignore you when you're telling a story.
    Father- Zachary Smith (born in 1988; 31 years old), tall, with dark green eyes and dark brown hair
    Mother- Tiffany Smith (born in 1987; 32 years old), shorter, with flaming red hair, and light green eyes.
    Only child
    Username: 9SpiceyChickens
    Other: I used a character generator, and it gave me a FAKE phone number and a FAKE email, and other things I think are interesting so here they are-
    Hobby: Coin collecting
    Favorite sport: Soccer
    Phone: (586) 406-4253
    Email: [email protected]
    Street Address: 280 Granville Street
    Hometown: Lake Success, Tennessee
    Has 2 minature horse named Icee & Fanta.

    Rp example-

    Kasey stood in a field. She didn't know this was the last time she would see light- but it was. Her mother, an angel, and her father, a demon. She saw them fighting. She was being swarmed by angels, demons, and humans. But she just called out her mother and fathers names. They looked at her and waved good. Kasey closed her eyes. But when she opened them, she was in a dark room.

    Name: Lara Jenny Cress
    Age: 17
    Personality: timid, shy, mysterious
    Eye colour: blue eyes laced with silver
    Hair colour: silver hair
    Skin tone: very pale white
    Weight: 52 kilograms
    Height: 64 inches
    Build: slim
    Clothing style: she often wears floral dresses
    Hair style: she has elbow length silver hair which is always cut perfectly
    Physical features: none
    History: she lives with her family
    Flaws: she puts herself down, she often over reacts, she always try is keeping as much of a low profile as possible, shrinks back from a lot of her fears
    Strengths: She won’t put up with peoples stuff, not afraid of demons
    Species: angel
    Is your character lacking any demonatic/ angelic qualities: I’m not sure
    Quirks: she is quite timid and shy except when it come to demons
    Fears: small spaces, spiders, shadows, the dark
    Likes: colour, environment, life
    Dislikes: family, demons, dark colours
    Family: her mother and father don’t speak to her and her siblings hate her
    Other: (I spent half an hour or more on this lol)

    Name: Ebony Darkflower
    Age: 16
    Personality: she is very out spoken, cruel, and smarmy
    Eye colour: dark brown almost black
    Hair colour: Dark dark red
    Hair tone: fair
    Weight: 5’9
    Height: 56 k
    Build: lean, flexible
    Clothing: often wears skin tight leather leggings a black cotton top and a leather jacket, high heel boots
    Hair style: she wears it in two long braids
    Physical features:
    Flaws: she looses her temper quick, her smarmy attitude and is manipulative
    Strengths: torture, antagonist behaviour, calling people out
    Species: Demon
    Is you character lacking any demonatic/angelic feathers: she sometimes goes slightly soft
    Quirks: sometimes She has a twinge of mercy
    Fears: whips, fear its self, angels
    Likes: evil
    Dislikes: good
    FAmily: open
    Username Butterscotchbitesfinger
    Other: none

    Name: Jane burchet
    Age: 21
    Personality: she shuts everyone out, mesmerising and quick to change her moods
    Eye colour: dark green
    Hair colour: black
    Skin tone: white, pale white
    Weight: 56k
    Height: 5’9
    Build: lean,
    Clothing style: she dresses in long skin tight jeans and a t shirt. Hates dresses but will wear them for formal events
    Physical tattoos: none
    History: she has 3 younger brothers her mother and father died in a car crash the year before and so she looks after them. They are a handful.
    Flaws: she shuts everyone out, she gets snappy the minute you bring up Demons or angels, and she is cranky then kind and it confuses people
    Strengths: she uses her looks and the fact people are mesmerised by her to her advantage, she also is a strong person so she will fight people off if they bug her, she is very good at marshal arts so pinning people to the floor
    Species: demon
    Any demonatic/angelic features lacking: she wants so bad to be an angel
    Quirks: she try’s and pretends she is a normal human
    Fears: demons and what she could become, guns - mortally afraid of guns, sadness (I know it sounds cheesy)- ever since she lists her parents she afraid to feel sad
    Likes: angels, animals, certain types of food
    Dislikes: fights- but if it comes to omen she won’t back down, cruelty, sadness
    Family: Gregory (her dad-deceased), Annabelle (her mum- deceased), Jim- (her little brother-youngest 13- alive), Sam (her little brother-seconds youngest 16-alive), Harper (her younger brother-second oldest 18- alive)
    Username: @Butterscotchbitesfinger
    Other: none

    Name: Stellar Bystander
    Gender: F
    Personality: fierce, sassy, talk back to teacher kinda gal, sits at the back of the classroom and gives teacher crap a lot
    Eye colour: a ritch sea blue with gold twirled into it
    Hair colour: golden blonde looks like a sunny colour in the right light
    Skin tone: tanned
    Weight: 65 k
    Height: 5’9
    Hair style: she often wears it out or in two plaits
    Build: tall, lean and dainty
    Clothing style: short skirts leather jacket rarely smiles unless it’s to flirt with someone
    History: she grew up with one older older and one younger brother, mother died when she was 3 father died when she turned 10 and her 19 year old brother has Been raising her and her 14 year old brother ever since, she has never been told what boundaries are as both boys are the cool type
    Physical features: beauty spot just above her lip on the right side.
    Flaws: to untrusting, unpredictable, pretentious, can come across as mean
    Strengths: antagonistic, rarely lets things get to her, she can be friendly if you manage to break the barrier a bit
    Species: human
    Is your character lacking any demonatic or angelic features?: no
    Quirks: she does this smile where only half her mouth lifts it is really pretty on her,
    Fears: she cannot cope with blood, terrified of wasps
    Likes: friends, family, movies, books
    Dislikes: happy, bubbly people who act as though their lives are perfect and nothing bad ever happens to them
    Family: her older brother and her younger brother
    Other: (her fears replicate mine lol)

    Name: Katie Jade Elion
    Age: 21
    Personality: very closed off, Sharp, harsh, sassy and fierce. She is hard to befriend and easy to make an enemy out of, ruthless when she has something she wants to do, not afraid to die or to kill, you don’t want to get in her way
    Eye colour: a stunning gold with hints of rosy pink through them
    Hair colour: dark dark brown with red highlights
    Skin tone: tanned
    Weight:130 pounds
    Height: 5’9
    Build: slim, flexible, strong
    Clothing style: tight jeans and a skin tight black leather shirt
    Hair style: long and wavy, down to her mid back and she always wears it out
    Physical features/ tattoos: a few freckles dotting her cheeks
    History: she grew up in the streets with nobody to care for her then she learned to fend for herself. She is currently living with a foster family she absolutely HATES
    Flaws: too outspoken, gets into fights a lot, unpredictable, a good liar
    Strengths: she can be civil if she likes you, she can get stuff out of people with ease, a fantastic fighter
    Species: Pure soul
    Is your chat lacking any demonatic qualities: she is pure so
    Quirks: she is very judgmental and and will serve the right amount of justice she Believes is necessary
    Fears: her foster family, angels and demons alike
    Likes: reading, writing, sword fights
    Dislikes l: bugs, the way they crawl and flap it drives her mad
    Family: foster parents (Matt and Cam) and her foster sister (Cleapatra)
    Other: can She maybe help Saga find the murderers? Up to you

    Full Name: Niebo Minerva Johnson (Just goes by her first name, though. Niebo, meaning Sky. Her middle name means Wisdom.)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Outgoing, brave, adventurous, kind, bright, lighthearted and fun, can be a bit sarcastic at times
    Eye Color: Light green
    Hair Color: Light red
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Weight: 121 lbs.
    Height: 5'3
    Build: Light frame, not well muscled but relatively strong
    Clothing Style: Usually wears jeans (sometimes ripped) or leggings, tee shirts, a denim jacket, and tennis shoes, converse, sneakers, or boots.
    Hair Style: Goes to her shoulder blades, usually wears it down
    Physical Features/Tattoos: Some light freckling across her nose, and her eyes have amber rings if you look close enough
    History: She grew up with her parents and was perfectly happy. Although one day when she was trying out her wings she got a bit too close to the edge of the cliff for her mother's liking. Her mother didn't want her going up so high yet. She went to go get Niebo back, and ran, because Niebo was starting to fall. She saved Niebo but fell off the cliff, and Niebo still blames herself to this day for not being fast enough to save her mother. Her mother couldn't start flying to save herself because she had injured her wings and they didn't work as they were currently healing. At age 8, Niebo's father disappeared. She doesn't even know if he's dead or alive, but either way, he's gone to her. She currently lives in the large mansion for Angels and Demons, and one of the Angels there is her guardian.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): 1. Is a bit too trusting 2. Is easily manipulated 3. Can be easily overpowered 4. Is a bit too picky about her food (considering their situation)
    Strength's: Puzzles (or something that requires brainpower), Is passionate about her beliefs and opinions and doesn't back down easily.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Angel
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: Her wings are slightly smaller than average, but it sort of works because once she gets used to the extra weight it helps her be quicker and more nimble.
    Quirks: Is picky with her food (as stated earlier), has a sad history, but by her bright smiles and lighthearted humor and manner you wouldn't be able to tell unless she told you
    Fears: Sharks, snakes, spiders, being kidnapped, and though she doesn't want people to know, is scared of the old leaders being resurrected, and is scared of the Earth becoming The Underworld. She also fears herself in a way, fears that she's not strong enough to save those she loves due to her history. Fears watching friends or family die. Fears terrifying screams, they turn her blood cold. Fears that if she ever needs to battle she'll become too overwhelmed and won't be able to go through with it.
    Likes: Merciful people, sunny days, small pleasures, such as watching the sunrise over the water, animals and all nature in general, peace
    Dislikes: Evil, demons, people who can hurt or kill without remorse
    Family: As far as she knows, she is an only child, mother is dead (see history), has no idea where father is (also see history above).
    Username: @ladybugchickenfarms
    Other: This is my final character edit, I think. Niebo is complete (finally)!

    Millie turned and hurried deeper into the forest, ignoring Max's calls for her to come back. When she was out of breath, she finally stopped and rested her forehead on the trunk of an oak tree. There were so many emotions coursing through her right now that she wouldn't for the life of her be able to tell you all of them. Before she knew it, there were tears, hot and wet, coursing down her cheeks. They can't be dead, she thought desperately as she tried to stop the flow. How can they be? How dare Balethima betray me in such a manner!Millie heard footsteps behind her. "Go away," she told Max. But there was silence. She turned around to repeat her request, only to be shocked that the person standing there was not Max.

    "Celestial Dream Moore"

    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Celestial is anything but her namesake. Tom-boy, risk-taker, and on the top of the list of rule-breakers. Incredibly faithful and loyal to her friends, but never one to listen to advice, though loves giving advice. She lives by the motto "Forgive but never forget." Incredibly daring, and rather dark and morbid at times. Celestial suffered from depression, leaving her humor to have quite a dark humor, and depression the source of her risky behavior, though now her depression isn't as bad as it was. She is always willing to speak her mind, and will hardly ever back down from a argument or a fight until her point is drawn across. One of her greatest flaws is she tries to force her opinions on others. Often you can see her arguing over the most absurd things with anyone, anything to get her point across and opinion out there.
    Eye Color: Light blue.
    Hair Color: White-blonde.
    Skin Tone: Fair skinned but slightly tanned.
    Weight: 123 pounds
    Height: 5'9"
    Build: Athletically built, but also shockingly flexible.
    Clothing Style: She is neither tom-boy nor girly-girl with her clothing. Ripped jeans and any sort of tank top or crop top is her go to, with sneakers obviously.
    Hair Style: Thick, beach-waved white-blonde hair, reaching down to the middle of her back, almost always in a ponytail or bun, rarely ever down.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: She does have a small scar just below her left eyebrow, yet no one really knows how it got there.
    History: When Celestial was only 8 years old, her mother was murdered by a human that had some how crossed the border and robbed their home. Leaving Jake, her father, and her older brother, Scorpio, to raise her. And for the young girl to grow up without a mother. When she had just turned 10 years old, her father was killed by one of their own, a Angel named Lillith. Left with only her older brother, Scorpio, to raise her, they where forced to move from their house to the Angel mansion at the time. Her brother struggled to raise her, doing everything he could as only a 13 year old boy to make sure his sister was well, at the same time training as hard as he could to help fight back against the demons. Her life wasn't a easy start, but she trained to be the best warrior she could, and is working as hard as she can to find the Pure Souls.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Big risk-taker, rule-breaker, and loves, loves to argue with others over anything.
    Strength's: She'll always hold her ground in battle, never willing to back down until her last breath, always loyal and would never hurt her friends.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Angel
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: No.
    Quirks: TBRPed
    Fears: She has a deathly fear of the ocean, never ever willing to even go on the beach. And she absolutely hates the dark, though doesn't like to let people know that, feared for being called childish.
    Likes: Animals, most people, the light, training with her crystal sword.
    Dislikes: Humans, and hates spicy food.
    Family: Scorpio Ashton Moore (brother, living) Ashley Phoenix Moore (mother, deceased) Jake Mehki Moore (father, deceased) Leona Teresa Moore (grandmother, deceased) James Peter Moore (grandfather, deceased)
    Username: @Cluckcluck1215
    Other: N/A

    "Scorpio Ashton Moore"

    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: If you met anyone who knew Scorpio even the slightest bit, they would say he is exactly as dark and unpredictable as his first name sounds. Snappy, cold, unpredictable and labeled by most as "dangerous". They say his fathers death and having to raise his sister drove him over the edge of sanity, because as a child he was quite sweet and friendly, but as soon as his father died he changed completely. He is cold and merciless to anyone but his sister, and even looses his temper with her. He has never intentionally hurt a Angel or a fellow Demon, but you never know with him, he is "dangerous."
    Eye Color: Violet with red around the pupil.
    Hair Color: Black.
    Skin Tone: Very pale.
    Weight: 157 pounds.
    Height: 6'2
    Build: Athletically built, like his sister, but quite skinny.
    Clothing Style: Sweatshirt and jeans all the way, but whatever he finds comfortable that day.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: N/A
    History: His mother died when he was only 11 years old, leaving his father to care for him and his little sister, Celestial. He remembered how grief-stricken his sister was, and with his father out of the house 8 hours a day, training and patrolling Heavens border against the Demon's, Scorpio was left alone to care for Celestial himself. Then that fateful day 2 years later, Lillith turned against her own and murdered his father in front of his own eyes. Leaving the teenage boy grief stricken and orphaned with his 10 year old sister, he was forced to move to the Angel's mansion at the time. Everyday he had to make sure his sister was fed and cared for, all at the same time trying to train to become stronger to defeat the Demons, everyday begging the chief to let him fight or at least patrol the border between Heaven, the Underworld and the real living world. And at the same time trying to earn the trust from them. Born from Angelic parents and with a full-blooded Angelic bloodline, he was a Demon. Born with snake eyes and tongue, and medium sized red metal wings. And when Diablo and Angela, the leaders of the Underworld and Heavens, gave up on the battle, he was utterly furious, and still is, striving everyday to train harder, and just hoping he'll be chosen to search for the Pure Souls.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Unpredictable, often works himself till he drops from exhaustion, skittish and flightly, anxious.
    Strength's: He would choose fight over flight in a heartbeat, and would willingly lay down his life for the Angels and Demons, determined, driven, loyal.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Demon.
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: No.
    Quirks: N/A
    Fears: Humans, his worst fear is the humans that lurk around, and that have presumably stolen the Pure Souls.
    Likes: The dark, music, training, flying.
    Dislikes: Extreme light, loud noise, people, having to do any sort of socializing at all.
    Family: Celestial Dream Moore (sister, living) Ashley Phoenix Moore (mother, deceased) Jake Mehki Moore (father, deceased) Leona Teresa Moore (grandmother, deceased) James Peter Moore (grandfather, deceased)
    Username: @Cluckcluck1215
    Other: N/A

    "Thrydwulf Lycan Lonson"

    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Thrydwulf is very deprecating, of himself, others and anything around him. Extreme pessimist, loves to focus on the negatives of life. Though unlike Scorpio, who some say he is very much alike, he does love socializing. Daring, stealthy, swift. Even though he is a Angel, he has much more Demonic qualities personality wise.
    Eye Color: Silver-gray
    Hair Color: Pale white-blonde
    Skin Tone: Fair skinned
    Weight: 160
    Height: 6'4
    Build: Fairly skinny, but broad shouldered and stronger then he looks.
    Clothing Style: He will wear anything as long as its clothes and its fairly comfortable.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: On his right forearm, there is a incredibly intricate tattoo of a wolf's face, with a feather coming from behind the wolfs ear.
    History: No one knows. No one knows who he really is, or where he came from, or what his story is, beside Scorpio.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Stubborn, incredibly impatient, loves to pick fight.
    Strength's: Stealthy, driven, determined.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Angel
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: Thrydwulf is lacking the biggest part of a Angel's life— his wings.
    Quirks: When he isn't training or doing anything else constructive, Thrydwulf loves to draw, listen to music, write and read.
    Fears: Pure Souls. The Pure Souls terrify him for some reason. He hates their extreme power, and control over life and death.
    Likes: Music, people, writing, reading, art, training, thunder, rain, the dark.
    Dislikes: Humans, cocky, aggressive, arrogant and greedy people, and Blevine.
    Family: Saga Lauren Lonson (sister, presumed dead to Thrydwulf) Blevine Lywulf Nollen (cousin, living) No known parents.
    Username: @Cluckcluck1215
    Other: N/A

    "Nyx Victoria Davis"

    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Personality: One of the eldest at the Mansion, she is normally the one responsible for the younger orphans care. Reliable, caring, and responsible. Though, Nyx is way to trusting for her own good, leading her to get into danger often. When she gets mad though, she has a fiery temper, almost as fiery as her hair. She does not deal with tasting or bullying well, and often snaps when someone makes her even a little mad.
    Eye Color: Dark green
    Hair Color: Dark red
    Skin Tone: Fair skinned
    Weight: 125 pounds
    Height: 5'7
    Build: Broad-shouldered and well-muscled, sturdy and long legged.
    Clothing Style: Ripped jeans, t-shirts or regular long sleeves are her go to, with flats or sneakers.
    Hair Style: Thick, wavy hair, either down or in a braid.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: She has many freckles scattered over her cheek bones and nose.
    History: Born a Demon from Pure Soul parents, she never had much connection with them. But it never seemed to bother the young determined red head, for she spent her time training, but never truly wishing to harm the Angels during the war, only wishing to defend the Demonic campus at the time. She's quite secretive about her history, though.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Impatient, sometimes greedy, overbearing and arrogant, and has a tendency to be incredibly stubborn. But for Nyx, leadership would not be good. Having greedy tendencies, she would yearn for more and more power, leading to the ultimate downfall of her normally reliable and responsible behavior.
    Strength's: Reliable, stealthy, responsible.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Demon
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: No
    Quirks: N/A
    Fears: Extreme heights, dogs.
    Likes: Cats, reading, helping people.
    Dislikes: Bullying, small spaces.
    Family: N/A
    Username: @Cluckcluck215
    Other: N/A

    "Saga Lauren Lonson"

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Thoughtful and anxious, she tends to think things over to much, leading to a darker theory then what will really happen. Though defensive and antagonistic at times, Saga is normally a very kind and caring person, calm and graceful in her ways. But, like everyone, she has a dark side. She is vengeful, always trying to escape the mansion in search of her parents murderers. She doesn't take no for a answer, and will push and push until she gets her way. Some times she thinks things through entirely, with careful planning and precision beforehand, but a lot of times she is very impulsive, leaping into a situation without a plan beforehand.
    Eye Color: A gorgeous blue-purple pastel color
    Hair Color: Dark brown hair with many streaks of pale blonde
    Skin Tone: Fairly pale, but with a slight tan.
    Weight: 127 pounds
    Height: 5'9
    Build: Flat-stomached and well-muscled, but with elegance.
    Clothing Style: Light or off the shoulder shirts and crop-tops, ripped lightly colored jeans and either flats or berkenstocks.
    Hair Style: Straight hair that reaches to mid-shoulder blade, normally down or in a high ponytail.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: She has a very noticeable scar underneath her left cheek bone.
    Flaws(Minimum 3):
    Saga is very defensive and one-sided, sticking up for what she believes in, most of the time not letting the other people speak for themselves. Anxious, untrusting of most. Vengeful, the moment she learns who killed her parents and separated her from her brother, she will strike them down without a warning.
    Strength's: Saga can find the beauty in even the most pitiful things. She can find strength and light within the most broken people, always trying to find the best in most. She doesn't take much for granted, always thankful she has what she does, even if it isn't much.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Pure Soul
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: She is a Pure Soul, obviously.
    Quirks: She often speaks to the stray animals that are allowed in the mansion, as if they can actually understand her.
    Fears: She is terrified of Demons. Of their malicious and violent behavior, of their snake like tongues and eyes. She is also scared she will become one, because she knows her bloodline is Demonic.
    Likes: Animals(especially snakes), socializing, drawing, writing, reading, dancing.
    Dislikes: Being alone for long periods of time, and isn't exactly fond of blood.
    Family: Thrydwulf Lycan Lonson (brother, living) Blevine Lywulf Nollen (cousin, living)
    Username: @Cluckcluck1215
    Other: N/A

    "Blevine Lywulf Nollen"

    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Rude and selfish, a perfect liar in a twisted way. Cruel, but covers up his mistakes easily so no one sees. Antagonist, cold, hateful.
    Eye Color: Startling orange-red eyes.
    Hair Color: Middle-toned brown
    Skin Tone: Fairly tanned
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Height: 6'
    Build: Very well muscled, broad shouldered, long legged.
    Clothing Style: You'll rarely see him in anything else but a t-shirt and jeans, even in winter. Occasionally a sweatshirt.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: N/A
    History: Unlike my other characters Blevine lacks any character development as of lol.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Definition of a bully, a twisted perfect liar, emotionless when hurting anyone.
    Strength's: A fairly good warrior, almost always fearless.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Demon
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: No
    Quirks: N/A
    Fears: Big dogs, he's petrified of any sort of dogs.
    Likes: Training, bullying Thrydwulf
    Dislikes: Thrydwulf, Angels.
    Family: Thrydwulf (cousin, living) Saga (cousin, presumed deceased)
    Username: @Cluckcluck1215
    Other: blank canvas lol

    Briar "Rosie" Muscari Hyacinth

    Age: 12
    Personality: Rosie is a deeply compassionate and caring person, she's considerate of other people and likes to just enjoy life even if it's a bit crazy. She doesn't fully understand a lot of things but she always means well even when she messes up.
    Eye Color: Deep blue (Grape hyacinth color cause it's her namesake)
    Hair Color: A dark brown red
    Skin Tone: A warm tan color
    Weight: 98 lbs
    Height: 4'11
    Build: Lean and a bit wiry
    Clothing Style: Has a love of for colorful and bright sun dresses that are flowy and usually has flower prints, one thing that sticks out from her girly and kinda childish style is the amount of ear piercings she has because she wanted to match with her elder sister Ronni.
    Hair Style: She has wavy hair that she keeps up in a ponytail, while up it just reaches the end of her shoulder blades.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: None but she wants tattoos when she gets older and often jokes about getting the ones Ronni have, her sister is heavily against this idea.
    History: She was born to parents she doesn't even think loved each other all that much and though she wasn't unhappy or uncared for, she was rather distant from both of them growing up. When Briar met Ronni she was thrilled to have a cool older sister like Ronni and she even happily started going by Ronni's nickname for her, Rosie because it made her feel connected to her. She's never really been brought down by everything life tried to throw at her and even when her mother died, while she grieved a bit, she ultimately sought out looking at the positive which was she'd get to travel and be with Ronni. While her future is unknown, she's not really stressed by it because she trusts Ronni to keep her safe.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Overly trustful even if given no reason to be, gets extremely uncomfortable and even dizzy at the sight of blood even though she's a healer, and lastly she hates being in doors for long periods of time which can be rather difficult to handle considering the situation.
    Strength's: She's extremely easy to get along with and some enemies might even find themselves accidentally befriending her. She stands up for her beliefs and while she's no fighter, she won't back down. Her morals are unbreakable and even those with the most hate viewed look on life can't bring her down or make her not see the good in everything.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Pure Soul
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: She's a human so yes!
    Quirks: She's extremely close to her half sister Ronni and while they are really nothing alike, Rosie sticks to her sister like glue.
    Fears: Losing her sister, the feeling of being trapped, and being over looked
    Likes: Collecting flowers, following Ronni, and making people happy
    Dislikes: Dark places, mean people, and arguments
    Family: Ronni (Half Sister), Andrew Gelure (Father), Azalea Hyacinth (Mother)
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: Nope


    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She's untrusting and doesn't really care for others unless they have gained her trust and friendship. She's pretty opinionated and kinda broody but she's not really a bad person, she's just careful and weary.
    Eye Color: One dark brown eye and one ice blue eye.
    Hair Color: Dyed blue
    Skin Tone: A warm light brown with splashes of pure white skin
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Height: 6'4
    Build: Lanky and very well muscled and strong
    Clothing Style: Ronni wears a slightly faded black leather jacket with torn up dark jeans and big black combat boots. She wears an old wore black backwards hat with an anarchy symbol on it, she thinks it's cheesy but her sister gave it to her because she thought it fit her so now Ronni can't be seen without it on. Over her icy blue eye there are three small looped eyebrow piercings and the corner of her lip has one too, she also keeps her ears covered in piercings too.
    Hair Style: She has messy hair that reaches just past her shoulders.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: Her most notable tattoo is of thorns and roses wrapping around her neck that she has to represent her sister because she likes to get tattoos to represent important people in her life. She also has quite a few scars that are covered pretty well too.
    History: Ronni never knew her mother and was raised by her aloof father until he abandoned her to take care of himself. She was super young at this point and had to learn to survive on her own, she learned to fight because she ended up getting into a lot of them. She was bitter about her father's abandonment so she decided to track him down. Ronni's anger led her to actually finding him and she had the dark thought to kill him until she realized that he had another family with him. She decided to let him live but she was curious and honestly a bit envious of the half sister she discovered existed. Ronni bonded with Briar almost immediately, she couldn't help but love her small happy sister. She didn't expect her sister to cling to her as much as she did and when Rosie's mother died due to the war, Ronni decided to take her sister to safety. Ronni knew her sister was important because of her being a Pure Soul and even if Rosie barely understands what that really means, Ronni figured it was best for them to seek out the others like Rosie.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): While one of her greatest strengths, it's also one of her weaknesses but she's loyal and devoted to her beliefs and choosen friends and family to the point where she will not back down if these are challenged. She's hard to talk to and connect to because of her attitude towards others which means it's not hard for her to make enemies. She's uncaring about her own health and often doesn't think about the impact things can on her which can lead to her suffering for putting others before her.
    Strength's: She's loyal and devoted, give her something to fight for and she's unlikely to lose. Her survival skills and instincts are will tuned from a life of living on her own and getting caught up in fights. She has a big heart under all her jaded attitude and can often be a great source comfort when you really need it.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Human
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: She's human so yup!!!
    Quirks: She only uses her first name because she's denounced her last name and refuses to speak it because of her hatred of her father.
    Fears: Losing her sister, strangely enough being alone, and a lot of times herself.
    Likes: The color blue a lot, quiet afternoons, and being active.
    Dislikes: Unfairness, most people, and of course the war.
    Family: Rosie Hyacinth (Half Sister), Andrew Gelure (Father), Unknown Mother
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: none

    "Adakias Gladiolus"
    Age: 17
    Personality: A dreamer at heart, he's sweet and kind and a bit of a romantic, he can be distant and distracted because of his daydreaming.
    Eye Color: A soft lavender color
    Hair Color: Light reddish almost pinkish color
    Skin Tone: A freckled light hazel color
    Weight: 179
    Height: 5'10
    Build: Scrawny and thin
    Clothing Style: Likes to wear comfortable loose clothing, he tries not to wear anything noteworthy. He does have a golden chain necklace with a pitch black ring on it.
    Hair Style: A bit long and always looks messy and scruffy
    Physical Features/Tattoos: Adakias has demon sized bronze wings, the color looks rusty and red in some places but as time goes on his wings seem to "derust" and become a shinier bronze.
    History: Born an angel to a family of only demons, Adakias has felt pretty left out and disliked his whole life. He grew up longing for something more and took to daydreaming and music to escape his family's disappointments and resentment towards him. The pressure from his brother finally made him feel like he had to leave, he loved his brother but he could no longer be with disapproving demons and left to be with other angels in hopes that they'd accept him more.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Small attention span, likes to romanticize most situations, and often leaves things to other people.
    Strength's: His cheerful demeanor which helps him get by, his ability to negotiate, and how he always looks for something more.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Angel
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: Nope
    Quirks: He's very lively and loves music and will often find reasons to just sing and dance and enjoy himself.
    Fears: An extreme fear of demons getting him, his family, and not being seen as a real angel because of his blood.
    Likes: Singing which he'll do often, dancing, and daydreaming
    Dislikes: Quietness, the cold, and being tasked with serious stuff.
    Family: Pallis Gladiolus (Brother) Sangara Gladiolus (Mother) Barayas Gladiolus (Father)
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: Nope

    "Pallis Gladiolus"

    Age: 20
    Personality: Comes off as mature, calm, and serious but he has a hidden anger and lust for power and battle.
    Eye Color: An extremely dark violet
    Hair Color: A red so dark it looks black
    Skin Tone: Very very pale
    Weight: 192
    Height: 6'1
    Build: A bit stocky and well built.
    Clothing Style: Wears a very prim and proper black suit.
    Hair Style: Slicked back and shaved at the sides.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: Has a notable scar that starts at his jawline and ends in the middle of his cheek.
    History: Born to a family of powerful and respected demons, Pallis has always had high expectations place on him and he has met everyone single one with great grace, often exceeding the expectations all together. He wanted the same for his younger brother, who was born an angel of all things. He was furious when his brother run off and since then has had the ambition to drag his brother back to his family, one way or another.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Thinks he knows best all the time, defensive about a lot of things, thinks himself a bit too entitled to things.
    Strength's: He's extremely confident in his skills and power which makes him someone not fun to mess with, once motivated he does what he can to reach his goal, and he's well trained in weaponry.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Demon
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: Nope
    Quirks: If proven wrong on something he has a hard time hiding how embarrassed that makes him.
    Fears: Not having any say, not achieving his goals, and losing his life to the angels.
    Likes: Having power, fighting, and impressing people.
    Dislikes: His brother's actions, the angels, and being unprepared.
    Family: Adakias Gladiolus (Brother) Sangara Gladiolus (Mother) Barayas Gladiolus (Father)
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: None

    "Auralia Grace Dyani"

    Age: 13
    Gender: F
    Personality: Ecstatic, funny, positive, smart, will make friends with anybody and everybody, loves animals
    Eye Color: Blue, with white designs that look like water
    Hair Color: blonde
    Skin Tone:fair, but tanned
    Weight: 85
    Build: tall and lean, but athletic
    Clothing Style: modest (shorts not going past one) and bright
    Hair Style: braided, loose, or ponytail, hair goes a little past her shoulders
    Physical Features/Tattoos: high cheekbones, freckles, pretty much always smiling
    History: abandoned as a baby, raised in foster care
    Flaws(Minimum 3): she definitely has Irish blood in her, once she gets angry, look out! Always hyper
    Strengths: knowledgeable, artistic, has a WILD imagination, has a thing with animals
    Species(Angel or Demon): Angel
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?:no
    Quirks: she usually doesn't have any friends, because they can't keep up with her because she talks a mile a minute. Gets picked on easily, but doesn't care. Usually known as a goody-two-shoes
    Fears: not being able to help when she's needed
    Likes: animals, books, art, food
    Dislikes: pretty much nothing
    Family: none
    Username: MillefleurGirl137
    Other: her wings have blue designs spiraling across them

    Genevieve Augusta Chausson

    Age: 18
    Gender: Female (Oh, wow, shocker.)
    Personality: Fluent in sarcasm lol. She's very cautious and likes to think things through before doing something. Not very talkative, unless she has something to say that she thinks is very important. Relaxed most of the time.
    Eye Color: Dark blue
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Skin Tone: A bit on the paler side, not too much, though.
    Weight: 136 (We're getting detailed, hmmmm.)
    Height: 5'8
    Build: Tall, thin, flexible.
    Clothing Style: Acid washed jeans with a torn knee, she has t-shirts and tank tops in a few shades of blue and turquoise and alternates between them daily, if it gets too cold, she puts a jacket on. She wears faux leather boots that are just a bit too small, but she loves them and wears them anyway. And her outfit is always adorned with some sort of bird or octopus accessory.
    Hair Style: Too thick and heavy to stay in a bun and pony-tails give her a headache, so either down or braided.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: A small scar on the left side of her palm and freckles across her nose.
    History: Not much of a history.
    Flaws(Minimum 3): Tends to overthink things. Impatient. Has a tendency to keep her emotions inside. Doesn't really take much seriously.
    Strength's: Can put people at ease. Very optimistic and believes that almost anything is achievable. Persistent.
    Species(Angel or Demon): Angel
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: No? :idunno
    Quirks: She can bend her right thumb backwards almost horizontally. (I'm proud of that ability lol)
    Fears: Spiders
    Likes: Art, birds (specifically parrots), snakes, octopuses.
    Dislikes: Heights, she's not exactly afraid of them, but they make her uneasy.
    Family: Deceased.
    Username: vachick15

    “Wren Miranda Agler”
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Knows how to fast-talk her way out of a jam, but won't shy away from a physical confrontation if need arises. Incredibly sly and crafty; watch your vulnerable valuables. A smooth, automatic liar. Enjoys spreading rumors and watching the resulting feuds. Not dependable; if it benefits her, she may scram when she's needed most. Not interested in theory or abstraction; she runs by practical, self-beneficial logic. Rules and regulations are nothing to her. Finds hilarity in the expense of others' sanity or physical wellbeing. Slow to trust and quick to assume. Opportunistic to fit the situation; she's good at blending in and or conveniently faking her place in a group. She takes on life as it comes to her. A risk-taker with a fast-paced lifestyle.
    Eye Color: Hazel diluted with odd pale blue edging
    Hair Color: Mousey brown
    Skin Tone: Fair-skinned, but she tans easily.
    Weight: 113 pounds
    Height: 5'7"
    Build: Athletic- she's got some decent muscles on her- but still scrawny.
    Clothing Style: Ragged. She salvages most of her stuff from the trash and homeless shelters. Most anything's wearable to her.
    Hair Style: Tangled and hopeless. Split ends galore and there's always some sort of unidentifiable substance stuck in it.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: She traded a genuine gold necklace she found for an appointment with a tattoo artist. For return payment, she got her left arm covered with the snarling face of a vicious coyote that she once shared the streets with. Additionally, her ankles are adorned with black, thorned vines. She's missing two of her left toes and her right big toe, thanks to frostbite. Covered in all sorts of scars and imperfections. Missing her right eyebrow. Amidst it all, she's got a cute face and fine features.
    History: Her parents evacuated life sometime in her childhood and left this scrappy orphan to be raised by the ruins of earth. Occasionally, she's fallen in with some well-meaning foster families, but it was never long before she was out on her own again. She's seen some serious crap and that's why Bailey is who she is.
    Flaws: Has a hard time mastering hygiene, she's got bad social skills and horrid table manners, and is constantly assuming the worst of everyone.
    Strengths: Her street smarts and physical alacrity.
    Species (Angel or Demon): Human
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: She ain’t one
    Quirks: She'll do anything to get a glimpse of TV. Also, she develops shallow crushes on basically every male demon she comes in contact with.
    Fears: Living indoors. She's been out here long enough that her only sense of security is found in being free. Also, golf balls.
    Likes: Duck herding on TV, rapid consumption of frozen mango chunks, bad boy demons, guys that know how to salvage their own food.
    Dislikes: Deceitful drug dealers, stores with firm locks, ostentatiously virtuous angels, walls and roofs, guys that need their mommies or wives to feed them.
    Family: Most likely all dead.
    Username: Daps
    Other: Mangos

    Halwyn Clyde

    Age: She appears around 21
    Gender: Female
    Personality: An up-and-coming military leader; strict, salty, and strategic. (I'd prefer to let the bulk of her personality develop as I play her character, but that's the basics)
    Eye Color: Fanfiction green
    Hair Color: Dark, dirty blonde, with noticeably different shades of brown and blonde that compliment each other.
    Skin Tone: Ever so slightly tan with a few freckles across her nose and shoulders.
    Weight: impossible to factor, given that their wings are metal
    Height: 5'7
    Build: Thin, but not stick-skinny; she knows how to eat and that expresses itself in muscle.
    Clothing Style: Jeans, solid colored t-shirts, and a brown leather jacket
    Hair Style: Falls just past her shoulder blades in a thick braid.
    Physical Features/Tattoos: Very angular features, sharp eyes, high cheekbones, smooth complexion; her wings are gunmetal gray
    History: Screw that
    Flaws: She tends to trust easily, even though it doesn't seem like she would; she scowls a lot to hide whenever she wants to laugh at something; tends to be sharp-tongued
    Strengths: s a l t
    Species(Angel or Demon): Angel
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: She thinks humans are adorable
    Quirks: Picks at the end of her "feathers" when she's bored
    Fears: Being wrong about what she's dedicated her life to; she knows if she heard the story of the war from the humans' perspective, she'd side with them, so she forces herself to be ignorant out of love for the rest of the angels.
    Likes: Smart people who listen
    Dislikes: Stupid people who don't listen
    Family: Realistically? All the other angels
    Username: @PeepersMama
    Other: Halwyn is a Welsh name. It means "salt." :3

    Tannyn Yom

    Age: Appears 27
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She will not take crap from anyone. But she's a jerk about it.
    Eye Color: Forest earth right after it rains
    Hair Color: Coal black, faded brown in some places
    Skin Tone: Fawn-brown
    Weight: heck
    Height: 5'8
    Build: Track-star skinny; her wings are a dark, dark shade of red, like a faded blood stain on a black shirt.
    Clothing style: Snug-fitting black leggings, button-up black silk shirt with red interior, choker necklace with a golden key charm; military camo when she feels like it.
    Hair Style: High-set ponytail with two loose strands of hair framing her face
    Physical Features/Tattoos: Sharp, fox-like face; narrow, angular eyebrows, thin lips that are usually smirking, and a charming smile that she wears like a mask to get what she wants.
    History: To be developed
    Flaws: She can be a snoot, occasionally waits too long and misses opportune timing for stuff, sassy to important people.
    Strengths: She's smart, she's cold, she's fast, and so is her dog
    Species(Angel or Demon): Demon
    Is your character lacking any Angelic/Demonic qualities?: She doesn't have the weird teeth
    Quirks: She's secretly really protective of her dog, which is basically an ink-black, red-eyed greyhound on steroids
    Fears: That someone kills her dog
    Likes: Her dog, chilling out in the desert cuz it reminds her of the underworld
    Dislikes: Everyone
    Family: Wasn't sure where to put the fact that she's Israeli so yeah she's Israeli
    Username: PeepersMama
    Other: Tannyn is the Hebrew word for dragon, and she lives up to it

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