My family is originally from Kentucky and Indiana. I still have quite a few relatives in the area. For me, I have been a city boy my whole life. Was raised in St. Petersburg, FL and now in Miami. As soon as I purchased my first house down here, I knew I would bring back some basics of American life into my daily living. Without any former education in building and with limited experience in poultry, I have hatched eggs, almost finished the coop, and am raising my own backyard flock. I definitely live in the city, but Miami does have a wild chicken population.
I work as a 5th Grade Science teacher in an inner-city Title I school for Miami-Dade Public Schools. I bring a lot of style to the classroom and am blessed to be able to share my passion for life and teaching values to some of our students that need it the most. Educating high-risk kids is essential part of bringing America back to the glory of its 'hay day.' I am looking forward to bringing the incubator to the classroom so that these students, mostly from Haiti, Latin America, and the 'hood' can have the experience of incubation.