Thanks For Everyones Support Here My Coop Is So Raccoon Proof That Royal Raccoon Would Not Get In

By Koipondduck · Jul 4, 2012 · ·
  1. Koipondduck
    [​IMG]'Thanks for everyone's support here. My Thanks to everyone for helping me with this coop. This coop is so raccoon proof that Royal raccoon would not get in.
    In the process of designing this coop, I relied on Charlene in Oberlin, Ohio and her mandarin chicken coops and landscaping are gorgeous super clean and no trace of any small at all. I also did not put the bottom shelve since all ducks were hiding under it. I will put them up later.

    Also, I need to have my spray gun working to spray paint these posts since I can't get through hardware cloth. This is why it has a unfinished look but every thing else is painted.
    After viewing Charlene’s coop, I decided to use first the sand base and then pebble stones which will be easy to wash. With in couple of week, I will add a pond area by there and thanks to a member here that pointed out that I can bury a Rubber maid, 100 gallon tank and plum it such a way that I can just water my lawn with it and then just fill it back up. I guess I have to work with a plumber friend for that.
    For the added touch, I added a bamboo, some water plants that is right in my pond and some perches which I found in the valley which this property drops down to. In the process, I lost one pin -tail duck that just flew away.
    1. Put 9, 2 X 4 X8 some 2 foot and some 36” deep.
    2. Lay down hardware netting in the floor and frame it in with 4” X 4”. Use 6” screw to faster it all.
    3. Frame the structure with matching tool shade plywood and net in the entire structure.
    4. Install roof turf paper and shingles.
    5. Paint.
    6. Put down sand and pea gravel and level it out.
    7. Put perches that are sturdy and looks good for the coop.
    8. Add water and floating plants since these ducks loves to pick on these plants.
    9. Install lock that can latch automatically and also to install screen door hardware kit.
    10. Future plan is to add a pond to the side which will be plumbed in a way that I can hook it up to a water hose and water my lawn with sprinklers since pen should be cleaned once a week. .
    11. I will do this in couple of weeks.



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    "Needs More Detail"
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  2. CCUK
    "Not bad."
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 12, 2018
    Looks OK but no details on how it was predator proofed.


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  1. Koipondduck
    I think it will be creative which I thought about to make this pond plumbed such a way that I can hook up a hose to the pond / pipe and water my lawn. This way my lawn gets watered and i keep this pond crystal clear for these birds
  2. Koipondduck
    Also, I am adding a pond to the side soon. .
  3. Koipondduck
    Thanks. Yes, these selves are inside the nest and in the winter time, I will have some pre cut plywood which I will hang and take it down in spring to prefent draft
  4. judyki2004
    are those shelves in the inside the nests? looks very nice inside with plants, and natural roosts! keep us updated!

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