That Crazy Flock of Mine!

By showgirl3 · May 12, 2014 · Updated Jun 7, 2014 ·
  1. showgirl3
    I have a flock of 7. i show 4 of them. I have 3 of them.
    Alice: Polish: 15 months: She always gets lost in the alfalfa feild near by and when i find her i call her name and she walks right up to me exausted and usualy wet.
    Mango: Golden sex link: 14 months old: When she was 7 weeks she got attacked by my dog and she hid under the steps to the garage. I hugged her until she started talking again. now she is playful and loves corn. I have a picture on one of my other threads.
    Charlotte: Silkie: 9 weeks: I love her she is the softest bird ive ever had. she is like glued to her best friend, Emily. You can never find her more than a couple feet the other.

    [​IMG]oragie n th garage

    [​IMG]alice on rock



    [​IMG]lacey on a rock

    [​IMG]charlotte an emily

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