The 10 friendliest chicken breeds

I decided to write this article because when I was new to chickens I spent so much time researching which chicken breeds would be the friendliest. Remember that even though someone says a certain breed of chicken is the friendliest in the world, when you get that breed it might not be. Every chicken has a mind of it's own. Also, you can't expect for your chickens to just automatically be friendly, you have to hold them alot as chicks. So now let the article begin...


1. Sex links
I have found sex links to be very friendly to not just humans but other chickens too.

2. Polish
Polish are very friendly to humans. They can do well in confinement. Polish like being held and pet. The problem is that other chickens seem to like pecking and bullying them. So if you plan on getting polish, get only polish, no other breed.

3. Brahma
I am not speaking from experience because I don't have brahmas but I have never ever heard a bad thing about them. These big fluffy chickens just love attention from humans. They are friendly to other chickens too. But I am not kidding about these guy being big.

4. Australorp
Australorps, preferably black australorps, are a very friendly breed that just loves not so much to be held, but to perch on your arm and be hand fed yummy treats.

5. Rhode Island red
I have heard alot about Rhode island red hens being bossy to other chickens and the roosters being aggressive to humans, but my Rhode island red, Pumpkin, is just a sweetheart to humans and other chickens who loves being held even though I barely held her as a chick.

6. Speckled sussex
This breed will sweetly, but shyly walk up to you for some treats and attention. Speckled Sussex are nice to other chickens too. Don't forget their unusually pretty coloring.

7. Orpington
All though my buff orpington isn't the sweetest, I have heard alot about orpingtons that just love to be held and petted.

8. Silkie
Silkies are so small and fluffy. They are a pretty calm breed that loves some attention.

9. Frizzle

I have never actually owned one, but I hear that they are very sweet, but other chickens bully them. Frizzles are very, well... frizzy!

10. Mixed breed chickens
You might be like: hey! That doesn't count! But mix breeds will generally be anything you make them and lots of times turn out to be a great addition to a hobby farm.

11. *Bonus* Wyandotte
All though I have little experience with them, wyandottes are supposedly a friendly, but a little sassy, breed.
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