Gosh I can't belive its the 2nd weekend in may allready... ihavnet updated my blog records here, so, let see what's been going on ...

2 weeks ago I bought 4 EE's for $5.00 each from a lady i met here on byc. Nadine . she was really nice. Its been a while since we've been to Greer. Mom and Colt went with me.. and we got to see all her birds..Wow. has she got a bunch and she's getting into ducks. no pond?? hahah.. her brooder , a room, out in her old barn, was full of brooder boxes of babies.. there had to be over 100 chicks and ducklings out there all different ages. Overwhelming..

Well she had a extra polish chick that she hatched out from who knows where and she gave him to me.. hahah, he is a white, white crested polish.. he looks just like a white road runner. he holds himself very upright and his tail streigth up.. so MeeBeep is my first polish.. oh he does have alittle black spot on his right wing. and oh he is a dirty little bird the others dont seam to get dirty but he needs a bath allready. ( havnt given him one, ill wait till hes older ) so today the 14th he is aprox 4-5 weeks old.

The EE's she picked out for me were 2 @ 4 weeks old, [email protected] 3 weeks and the little roo about @ 2 weeks.. he allready had a red comb and held his tail at a high angle.. 2 of the hens were tail-less one of the older girls and the 3 weekold. she was so cute like a little owl..
Well ond day I noticed MeeBeep all rattiling in his chest then he sneezed and the rattle went away.. couple of days later the big girl got a watery nose.. no color just watery.. well she didnt make it.. and then i lost little owl this week.. so sad dont know why but I still have the little roo... "Uncle Daddy" and the other big girl, who does have a tail.. " Sookie" and MeeBeep all are happy and doing great..
Oh my gosh. so I dont forget.. Uncle Daddy was about 3 1/2 weeks old and it was soo hot ..so I brougth them out and had them over by my big kids.. now called the teenagers... anyway Lafiat comes close and cocks his head and looks down at little Uncle Daddy.. and he UD> puffed up his neck threw his wings back and popped up at Lafiat.. sooo funny . Latiat looked at him like Humf... and walked away.. oh boy he thinks he is the Shit!.. ahhahaha..
So why Uncle Daddy? well a weekand half ago mom and I had to got o TSC for feed and peep peep peep.. I looked. hummmm.... Im starting to get he hang of this chicken math.. which is ,,,, not enough.... anyway.. were looking and they had a full delivery of cornish, red productions, and a whole ben full of silver laced wayndottes.. hummmmmm we had just seen Nadines blue/red wayndottes and mom had said how preety she thought they were.. hummmm... guy said Ill take off 50c and you can have them for $2 each... hummm started to walk away and the manager walkes by and says.. 50c each... ok Ill take 6.... ahhahahhah... couldnt help myself. I got them home and added them to the EEs casue they were 2,3 and 4 weeks old. so here are these or 4 day old silver laced waynedottes.. well uncle daddy didnt like them the first night and i was worried cause he kept pecking their little heads.. so I put in a seperate cage that night. The next day he pecked less and Now.. he is Uncle Daddy.. all the way.. the big girl.. Sookie, is a great big sister.. she helps them but she still keeps goodies for herself.. she is grey for the most part and then has the mixed dark of the EE mixed in her body her head is grey very nondiscript. EEs are not really a pretty bird.. at least chick.. that is. Where Lafiat has a eagle head they have a vulture head.

the silver laced wayndottes are just cute little penguins.. so far they look so much alike there are only a couple I can tell apart. none of them ever got the sniffles fro the EE grils.. yeah.. good...
I told nadine maybe next week when I have afull week without sickness I'd like to get 2 replacement girls..

serioulsy thinking of putting the 2 EEs and Meebeep out with the teens .. not sure.. they are so much bigger..

Out in the teenager run..
Lafiat is becoming goergous, very masculine redening comb and wattles. the largest of the flock... at night when I put them in the kennel for the night.. I try to put him in last..hoping to help instinct along and have him be incharge of the flock and the last to roost at night.. last night it was bedtime( of which I do tell them each as I put them up for the night) and he must have been tired.. as soon as I got into the run and said bed time.. he up and walked in and laid down in the back of the box.. while the others squacked and complained about being taken off their chosen perch for the night.. ( just not ready for them to be loose at night too many preditors around and not roof on the run... today a little storm came up and when it started raining he jsut up and walked in peaked out the side windows at the girls outside shaking feathers as the water droplets hit them. could about hear him say "silly hens, dont know when to get out of the rain."...
Tilli is beautiful, very feminine, her fine lacing or penciling of her feathers. and fluffy underside.
Then there is jezabel.. and I cant tell what she.is... she has a masculine head like Lafiat but not the comb and wattles and only has some of the dark feathering and then the body has fine feathers like tilli? guesse we'll have to wait to see if she crows.. hahah.. shes is a beautiful bird..
( yeah I like the brhamas alot.. I'm deffenatly drawn to the heavier bigger birds. )
I really really want Orphingtons.. blacks, blues and lavander... Next year Im gonna order them ... cant wait... LOVE LOVE LOVE them... the colors are soooo awsome.. I know I cant show the lavander but still want them and cant wait to show..

anyway back to update on the kids..
next we have the Barred Rocks.. hummmm more scratching of head here.. they are not like the pictures.. my BR are black with white barring but he books and pics look like they are white with black bars and much thinner bars then my kids..
Tippi is still the most adventurest and independent and easy to tell apart she still has a littel white by her eyes like eyeshadow.. she still has her white tips on her wings.. and is still just a bit more compact body... ( spoiled hen)
Jet Lee. is becoming very nice. he is gettin long tail feathers and he is still grey/silver. not black and white barring.. still very sweet.. but the wide barring like the girls..
Elsi is just Elsi.. wide barring black and white. she is very even tempered and happy all the time.. everyonce in a while she'll forget how to get back into the run when others are getting goodies.. but she figures it out..
the Twins, my two white leghorns.. size the same as everyone else.. still a bit flightly-er than the others.. but they have a more streamlike body then the other breeds. they are getting their combs and wattles but are still yellow/wht no pink or red at all. I noticed their legs are so fine and feminine where the Bhrama's are like tree stumps- so thick, talked to mom the other day ... if I put the leghorns with the the EE would they have colored offspring and then would those offspring give colored eggs? hummm might have to try that.. still there is no way to tell them apart.. thinking of getting ankle bands and then ill name them to keep their lines seperate, if I do start breeding them. I will breed acording to the hen not the roo..
then we have Whynonna and Dixie.. Dixie is the smartest of everyone out there.. she figures things out very fast.. she has stayed the pretty red/gold color on the ft half of her body and the back half is pretty cream laced colored feathers. with cream tail..
Whynonna is still darker mahoganey same cream .. she is really pretty her comb and little watttles are a bit reder than dixie but not masculine like the pics of roos Ive seen.. still trying to figure out how to get pics off of my camera and on here..
well thats everyone in an update..
I really am enjoying them, Gary actually talked to me today about fencing in the pagoda and getting a coop.. thats a start and only too 2 months.. at least he's talking now.
Gary got the garden plowed but we havent planted anything in it yet. the chickens dont like it.. they will go in just inside the edges.. they dont like being in direct sunshine at All and stay out of the garden, which of course is all sunny.

well got to go.. Im glad Im doing this so I can look back in future years and remember how the "kids" grew and matured..
blessed be