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    Here at The Acres, we have a Chicken Ranch (and some baby goats). I am new to raising chickens and I became very interested and excited to have chickens when I moved here with my husband a year ago. I never knew how enjoyable it could be. I instantly fell in love with his chickens! I spend a lot of my day out there with them...feeding, watering, talking to them and just watching them. There are highs and lows to raising them...laughter, sorrow, hard work. So worth it though.

    This is "Momma". She follows me everywhere around The Acres. Especially when I have the feed bucket. She is so chatty. She free ranges throughout. (the fences are to keep predators out). I became very close to her when her only baby chick disappeared. Poor Momma.

    Recently, our next door neighbor was given 9 adult Buff Orpingtons. Oh.My.Goodness. I love those chunky girls! When I call them "Girrrrrls" they come bouncing their thunder thighs to me....Don't tell him, but I feed them : )

    So, the local feed store said they are getting baby chicks in early February. Uh! I immediately started to plot and plan my way into having a mess of Egg Layers. My very own chunky girls. Yes.

    It's now late February and I am completely out of control. I've got it bad. The first available chicks where New Hampshires so I got 6 of them. Next, I got some Silkies, Buff Orpingtons, Dominikers, Cochins, RIRs, a few Marans and even a cutie pie Silver Sebright. For the most part, we haven't had too many casualties. I am super happy and excited for the future and making their new home here a great life for all of them.

    [​IMG] Silver Sebright [​IMG] Silkie

    [​IMG] Leonard & Penny - had to add them!

    The Silver Sebright wasn't looking too good when I got her home. She was weak. I fed her with a dropper every 2 hours and kept her nice and toasty warm. I snuggled her a lot and spoiled her. She is healthy and happy. Because she is so tiny, I have her in a separate brooder with only one roommate. I am proud of myself for making her well especially since I am new to this. My husband gave me great advice and the BackYard Chicken community also helped me. Thank you BYC!

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