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By lovintherain · Mar 30, 2012 ·
  1. lovintherain
    Still have some newbie chicks, I guess called pullets right now, and they have such a personality already! I was hesitant to hold them too much even though if I could I would hold them all the time, but all the pooping holds me back haha.
    8 total chicks
    2 Buff Orpingtons- Sourkraut and Lily (they are very friendly and probably the most laid back everytime we have held them)
    2 Barred Plymouth Rocks- Raptor and Dactyl (these ones remind me of the raptors in jurassic park, haha they are older by a week or two than our other chicks and so curious when we come around they stick their necks out and cock their heads so those were what came to my mind first haha, but very nice chicks even tho one likes to peck at my bracelet 24/7 lol)
    2 Black sex links- Puppy and Scrappy (these guys are the little ones, and by far my favorite, they always want to cuddle with us and not the chicks and go to nuzzle in our arm everytime, such sweethearts)
    2 Silver laced wyandottes- Runner runner and Kale (these guys always try running when we come around but once we hold them they are very sweet, one of them goes straight to perch on my shoulder everytime and wont go anywhere else..hmm glad they like me!)
    (haha i know the names are kinda random but we thought it would be fun to give them a name to whatever popped in our head!:D

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