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  1. MadamPoofyBrow
    Name: Reid
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Bacon
    Personality: Determined, friendly, curious, and perhaps just a bit too arrogant
    Side: Good
    History: Has been an orphan for as long as he can remember. Lived on Corn wandering aimlessly until he was fifteen, when he moved to Corn
    Special Talents: Can talk nearly anyone into doing anything he wants them to (It's a bacon thing) and also fly
    Description: Short and slight, shoulder length scraggly dark red hair, glowing blue eyes, large feathery wings, pointy teeth, and a long fuzzy tail
    Username: MadamPoofyBrow

    Name: Nigel
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Bacon
    Personality: Funny, arrogant, crazy, can be calm and reasonable at times
    Side: Good
    History: not much
    Special Talents: Has awesome mechanic skills, can teleport anywhere anytime (but it takes up most of his energy and strength, so he rarely does it) . . . water is his weakness.
    Description: Tall, kind of looks like a human, blond shaggy hair, very handsome, wears casual clothes
    Username: MeredithW

    Name: Alexander "Sandy"
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Lima Bean
    Personality: Nervous, timid, wary of strangers, but willing to fight for the greater good of the galaxy
    Side: Good
    History: Hidden
    Special Talents: Nothing...he's accomplished nothing...
    Description: Short, very thin, wild scraggly black hair with feathers mixed in, lively grey eyes, always wears a hoodie, and has a robotic left arm and fake left eye...the cause of which is in his hidden history.
    Username: MadamPoofyBrow

    Name: preview
    Age: --
    Gender: male
    Home Planet: Bacon
    Personality: Robot
    Side: bad
    History: was made by Nigel
    Special Talents: has a deep, ferocious voice, can maybe see into the future
    Description: was a big hunk of metal and odds and ends, but turned himself into a cyborg. Now looks human
    Username: MeredithW

    Name: Chuck
    Age: unknown
    Gender: male
    Home Planet: Bacon
    Personality: stubborn, nice, calm
    Side: good
    History: Nigel's pet
    Special Talents: none of his own, but Nigel created a robot suit for him to try to find, and destroy preview.
    Description: without suit: fuzzy, hamster/mouse type thing as big as a cat, has wings and a long bushy tail.
    Username: MeredithW

    Name: Maya
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Home Planet: Planet Carrot
    Personality: Sneaky, sly, brave, nimble, sharp, intelligent.
    Side: Evil
    History: TBR
    Special Talents: Invisibility, night eyesight, and Shape Shifting into a hawk.
    Description: Long red hair, orangish eyes, a human skin. (Really the only thing that makes her Alien is her orange eyes.) Tall, muscular, but thin.
    Username: Frindizzle

    Name: Scarlet
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Home Planet: Planet Corn
    Personality: Somewhat frisky, calm usually, cunning.
    Side: Good (For now! *Evil cackle*)
    History: TBR
    Special Talents: Ability to control what people say, also is really fast. Can turn invisible.
    Description: Short-cropped hair which is scarlet and sleek. Purple eyes, slightly bluish face, tall, leggy, heart-shaped face.
    Username: Frindizzle
    Other: She has a slight crush on____

    Name: Maleah (Say Ma-Lee-a)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Home Planet: Corn
    Personality: Confident, Leader, Reserved but Friendly, Intuitive, Calm
    Side: Good
    History: Has grown up on Corn.
    Special Talents: Can climb anything, can read thoughts, can heal injuries except her own.
    Description: Tall, Long white feathers extending down her back, Three green eyes (one is hidden behind her beneath feathers)
    Username: Bridebeliever

    Name: Galaxia
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Home Planet: Fog
    Personality: Kind, cautious
    Side: Good
    History: The usual (grew up with family, normal life)
    Special talents: She is very persuasive, and she can fly
    Description: Average height, wings she can turn invisible, long white/blonde hair, she usually wears a shirt and jeans, similar to humans.
    Username: Chickenraiser24

    Name: Quasar

    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Rubber
    Personality: Mean, whiny, and impossible to get along with
    Side: Bad

    History: Has always wanted to rule the world, and recently started trying to acheive his goal
    Special talents:Can see through walls and breathe under water
    Description: Tall, with short blonde hair, flamey red eyes, an extra finger on each hand, and gills along his ribs
    Username: MadamPoofyBrow

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